Friday, May 29, 2015

Photos :: Cleveland May 2015

Last week Ivan, Milo and I finally visited Kaylah in Cleveland. Milo wasn't the best with car rides (long or short) for a long time so a four hour drive was kind of out of the question. I am so happy that we made the trip because we had a fantastic time. 

There is nothing better than seeing your friends love and have fun with your kids. Milo is still talking about Kaylah tickling him.
 photo milo kaylah_zpsepantp28.png
Always lots of photo booths.
 photo photobooth_zpse2dohvsq.png
We visited the beach and Milo touched a dead fish.
 photo kaylah milo beach_zpswnd6p3w2.png
Jeff suggested we go to Town Hall for vegan Mondays and it was so delicious. Milo hadn't napped and fell asleep during dinner. Luckily we were seated on couches so it was no problem to lay him down for a little snooze. I didn't take any photos, but after dinner we had the best ice cream of my life at Mitchell's. It was just chocolate but it was seriously one of the best things I have ever eaten and I couldn't stop talking about it for the rest of our visit.
 photo glasses_zpsbkpm5nsa.png
Milo got up close and personal with a fire boat and a fire truck. Dream come true.
 photo fireboat_zpsne8djvvo.png
 photo firetruck_zpscsrt2q5b.png
What is cuter than kids in sunglasses?
 photo sunglasses_zpstf4wsyid.png
So basically we spent our whole visit ice cream shop hopping. 
 photo piccadilly_zps5qzqsavw.png
Right before we went home we surprised Kaylah's parents with a visit. They have the best place ever and we really didn't want to leave. 
 photo milo 4 wheeler_zpsq1jaalk8.png

We did a bunch of other things but I'm kind of out of the habit of snapping photos of everything. I haven't been taking as many photos lately. I was focussing more on enjoying the moment rather than trying to photograph it. While I think that can be great, not having the best memory, that didn't work for me very well. I firmly believe that you can both enjoy the moment and take photos of it so that's my new plan.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

What I Wore :: My 32nd birthday

 photo full outfit_zpscp1cshhj.png
 photo looking at the bee_zpspkstnsqi.png
 photo smiling_zpsvml0hmk9.png
 photo milo me_zpsburszfov.png
 photo cute milo_zpse2c6q4mv.png
glasses Warby Parker :: vest Old Navy :: dress ModCloth :: shoes c/o B.A.I.T.

Hello out there, that is if anyone is out there. I was sitting here trying to decide when to post this and then thought, why not now? After a really long break from blogging I am finally ready to get back to the thing that I love/loved so much. I'm sure I will eventually talk about why I stopped (it's not a very exciting story) as well as why I'm back but thinking about doing that as a first post has kept me away even longer.

What I will say right now is that I'm back to blogging for me. More than anything, I miss having something to look back on to remind me of what was going on in my life at any given time.

With that said, here's what was up on this particular day. It was my birthday on May 26th so we went out for dinner with my dad and stepmom at a restaurant in Westdale called Rawlicious. If you check it out I highly recommend the dang quesadillas. Since the restaurant is right near McMaster University where Ivan and I went to school we went for a walk around our old campus. We both agreed that it was really weird and cool to be walking around there with Milo. It just made us think about our time going to school there and how different our lives are now. Everything looked so beautiful and the sun starting to set was making things extra pretty so I got the urge to take some outfit photos. That's a normal urge, right?

Taking outfit photos with Milo around is kind of hit or miss. Sometimes he is very happy entertaining himself but this was not one of those times. After struggling to get a few shots while having focus issues with the camera and getting more and more frustrated (can you tell how pissed I look in that first photo?) I just told Ivan to forget it. Milo had been talking about a bumblebee so I got down with him to watch it visiting some flowers. Ivan decided to keep snapping photos and ended up getting a whole bunch that I loved. Not what we had planned but a whole lot less stressful and more natural.

I think that's a good representation of what I would like my blog to be. A completely natural account of our life. Nothing forced, no pressure, just capturing the moments that we want to remember.


PS. Please excuse the mess on the page. If I wait to post until everything is perfect, I may never begin.

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