Wednesday, November 30, 2011

giveaway :: Craft to the Radio

Hello friends!

Today I am off in Peterborough probably having an awesome time with some fun ladies! I don't want you guys to feel left out so here is a giveaway to brighten your day ;)

Here is Liz from Craft to the Radio to tell you a bit more about herself...

Hi, my name is Liz. I'm a blogger and social media enthusiast turned jewelry designer. Making jewelry started as a hobby for me, it was a way to stay creative after working long hours at a corporate job and also a way to add accessories to my wardrobe while on a tight budget. As more and more people began to ask where I bought the pieces I was wearing, I decided to start an Etsy shop. All of the items in my shop are made by hand and have a unique vintage element. 

I love my steampunk necklace from Craft to the Radio and today you have a chance to win something for yourself!

What's up for grabs:
An item of your choice from Craft to the Radio.

How to Enter: *please leave some way to get in touch with you if you win*
Visit Craft to the Radio on etsy and tell me what you would choose if you won!

Additional Entries: *please leave a separate comment for each entry!*
1. Visit Liz's blog Dance to the Radio and say hello!
2. Like Craft to the Radio on Facebook.
3. Spread the word about the giveaway. If you use twitter make sure to include @loveelycia & @liz_kantner in the tweet.
4. Tell me your favourite holiday tradition!

I will announce the winner December 7th! Good luck!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

giveaway winner :: ButtonHook

Hello again!

The winner of the ButtonHook giveaway is...


If you didn't win, Jessica is offering a 15% discount off an entire ButtonHook purchase to you lovely blog readers until December 1st with the code: GIVE15.

I'm off to finish painting my nails, wash this dye out of my hair, pack for Peterborough (!) and continue with the Twin Peaks marathon that has been going on here all day long. I hope you all had a great day!


photo an hour :: Toronto

Last Friday Ivan and I made the trip in to Toronto to do a bit of shopping and browsing. Here are some peeks of our day with a photo for each hour.
9 am :: We accidentally slept in but no big deal. I took this photo of some paint samples I collected for a little art project while I was waiting for Ivan to get ready.

10 am :: We made it to Toronto in good time. There were a bunch of these snowmen all over the city. They were all painted differently.

11 am :: I am officially addicted to blind box toys and I love the South Park ones. This was just a little zipper pull/keychain guy. Hehe!

12 pm :: We met our friend Alex for lunch! 

1 pm :: Some pretty wrapping paper in Kensington Market. 

2 pm :: Everything gets a whole lot cuter when you add a face.

3 pm :: I got pretty excited about this pink truck.

4 pm :: Cute sign outside of Poutini's. Ivan and I love their vegan poutine so much!

5 pm :: What kind of lunatics leave Toronto by choice at 5pm on a Friday? Not a good idea.

6 pm :: The highway was disgustingly busy so we took the scenic route home. 

I love going to Toronto. There is so much yummy vegan food and tons of really cool stores. I know some of you live in Toronto but have any out of towners ever visited Toronto? 

I hope everyone is having a great day!


ps. Don't forget that today is the last day to enter the Button Hook giveaway! I will announce the winner tonight.

Monday, November 28, 2011

last call for december sponsors

Hello there friends!

Just a quick last call for December sponsors. I have a few large and medium spots as well as a bunch of small ads available for December. The holidays are a really great time to sponsor and I am planning lots of fun things for December including a whole week of video blogs! I'm excited!

If you are interested in sponsoring please let me know by November 29th as I will be visiting with some lovely Peterborough ladies until December 1st and will be away from the computer.

As always if you would like more info on sponsoring you can visit my sponsor page or email me at loveelycia[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thank you so much and make sure you check out my super sweet November sponsors before they are gone!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

what i wore :: cats and hearts

head to toe:
glasses - Warby Parker
necklace - c/o Dapper Toad
skirt - Dainty June
tights - Target
slippers - c/o Button Hook (win a pair here!)

I love these heart tights so much! My friend's sister actually spotted them on the floor at Target when we were in the States a few weeks ago. She said "that looks like something you would wear." I agreed and bought them because they were on super sale!

Another thing I Farva necklace! Jill from Dapper Toad is basically the sweetest person ever and she make me a Farva and Anakin necklace. I wear one or the other almost everyday so that the world can see what a cat nut I am.

Ivan and I put up our Christmas tree last weekend and it stole my indoor photo taking spot. I'm not really complaining because it looks so pretty!


Friday, November 25, 2011

5 fave friday

5. These glasses stands!
I really think that my glasses need a cute stand to rest on at night!

4. Adorable crochet slipper pattern!
Such a pretty pair of slippers!

3. This cool "Guess Who" idea.
This one uses presidents but it gave me the urge to make my own version. It would be so fun to play at a party if you used photos of people who were going to be there! Now I just need to thrift myself a Guess Who!

2. Adorable teapots
Every single time I see an adorable tea set I gasp. I definitely do not need a teapot or tea set...but I want a super cute one! For now I will settle for drooling over photos of them.

1. This adorable cat with markings that look like a cat!
What?! So cool! I wonder if this kitty knows just how awesome it is.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sponsor Feature :: November

What an exceptionally awesome bunch of ladies! Super huge thanks to all of my sponsors this month. 

If any one is interested in sponsoring my blog in December I still have some small spots as well as a few large and medium ones available. The feature spot is filled until March so if you are interested in reserving it for March let me know, they fill up fast! You can find more info on my sponsor page and you can always email me at loveelycia[at]gmail[dot]com.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

how to :: pyrex stacking

After my post about my kitchen decor so far, I got a bunch of questions about how I stack my Pyrex. I'm sure I did not invent this method, in fact, I know I saw part of it online somewhere but I can't remember where. Anyways...this is how I do it!
I used a combination of small tupperware containers, margarine/butter containers and tupperware that is roughly the same size as the margarine containers.
For my smallest Pyrex I used a bunch of tiny plastic containers that came in a big set of tupperware. I found that they work better than the margarine containers for little bowls. Just turn your plastic containers upside down and place one inside your Pyrex bowl so that the bottom of the plastic container is facing up. This creates a nice little platform for your Pyrex to sit on.
As you can see, when you look at the bowls straight on you can't even see the plastic containers holding it up. How sneaky!
For my larger bowls I used old margarine containers and plastic containers. I placed them upside down inside my Pyrex the same way that I did for the smaller bowls.
Once again, you can't see the containers you used for stacking at all!

This method should safely hold your Pyrex and make it look super cute. I feel especially worry-free because my bowls are inside a cabinet and are safe from clumsy people and kitties knocking them over. Make sure that you stack your bowls in the place you plan on displaying them. That way you do not have to try to carry a wobbly stack of pretty Pyrex, that could get dangerous!

Enjoy and happy stacking!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

giveaway :: button Hook

Hello friends!

The lovely Jessica from Button Hook is hosting this giveaway and I am so excited to share it with you. As you saw from my outfit post yesterday I love my bow scarf so much.
Jessica also sent me the cutest pair of slippers ever! I let her choose the colours for both pieces and she chose perfect colours.
Here is Jessica to tell you a bit about herself...

Hello everyone. My name is Jessica. I have a blog and Etsy shop where I sell my crochet goods. I started to crochet because I needed a hobby while my husband watched football on the weekends. I love watching football  but I knew I could be doing something productive at the same time (hence the 'ButtonHook' name - it's a receiver's move in football). Crocheting has also got me through some tough times in my life. It's a relaxing thing to do. So that's how it all began, and my hands haven't stopped since!

What's up for grabs:
A scarf and a pair of slippers in the colours of your choice!

How to enter: *leave some way of getting in touch with you if you win*
Pop by Jessica's Etsy shop Button Hook and tell me what colours you think you would choose if you won!

Additional entries: *please leave a separate comment for each*
1. Visit Jessica's blog and say hello! Become a follower and leave a comment letting me know you did.
2. Like Button Hook on Facebook and leave a comment letting me know you did.
3. Spread the work about this giveaway. If you use twitter, make sure you include @loveelycia in the tweet.

I will announce the winner of the giveaway on November 29th! Good luck :)


Monday, November 21, 2011

what i wore :: a perfectly chilly sunny day

head to toe:
glasses - Warby Parker
scarf - c/o Button Hook
jacket - Old Navy
dress - vintage 
belt - thrifted
tights - Urban Outfitters
boots - c/o Blowfish

I love, love, love my new scarf from Button Hook so much! It is the perfect colour and how adorable is it that you can tie it in a bow? Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway coming up super soon; you could win one for yourself :).

I got this dress from Ivan's great aunt and I love it. I wore it so much last winter but somehow it never made it into an outfit post. There is a cute little button detail at the top that you can't see in these photos so I guess it will have to make it's way into another outfit post!

Well, I'm off! I just got a call from my mom and she is swinging by for a visit so I better get ready! Have a great day!