Saturday, March 31, 2012

thrift find :: the ones that got away


It is really fun for me to share thrift finds that I am super excited about but I though today I would share some photos of things I found that I didn't buy. Looking back on some of these I really wish I had have taken them home with me! Does anyone else take photos of things they find and really love but decide not to buy for whatever reason?
What: Label maker.
Where: Antique Attic on Ottawa Street
Why I loved it: I love label makers and I think it is super funny when there are labels on label makers. The purple orange combo on this one is so cute!
Why I didn't buy it: I don't need another label maker, even one previously owned by Mr. Bob Kaufmann.
Do I wish I bought it: No, I'm ok with my decision.
What: Cheese plate
Where: Value Village
Why I loved it: The colours are amazing, it would have matched our kitchen and the mushrooms are so cute!
Why I didn't buy it: We don't eat cheese so I refrain from buying cheese plates.
Do I wish I bought it: Yes! I must have been taking crazy pills that day to leave this behind. Who cares that I don't eat cheese?! I could have used it for decoration. Ah well, I hope a cheese loving person took this baby home and is enjoying it. 
What: Avon perfume bottle
Where: Value Village
Why I loved it: In case you haven't noticed, I have a serious love for cute knick-knacks.
Why I didn't buy it: This little cutie was in the "Collectables" section and was waaaay too expensive for me. Especially because it was not in mint condition. Sometimes Value Village pricing can be nuts.
Do I wish I bought it: I wish it had have been like, $1.00. I do not wish I had have bought it for $15-$20.

What: Cat statue
Where: Talize
Why I loved it: It's a cat sticking it's tongue out! What's not to love?
Why I didn't buy it: Although I thought it was awesome it also freaked me out a little. Also, it was fairly large and I didn't know where I would put it.
Do I wish I bought it: No, I'm good. 

That was fun! However, it was a teensy bit painful to see that mushroom cheese plate again. I will definitely be doing this again to show you some other treasures I have passed on and how I feel about it now.


Friday, March 30, 2012

giveaway winner :: blowfish shoes

Hello again!
I'm just popping in to announce the winner of the Blowfish Shoes giveaway! Thank you to so many people for entering, I'm so happy everyone was excited about the giveaway.

So...the winner is...

I hope everyone has a great Friday night!


5 fave friday

5. Jenny's cabinet restyle is so adorable!
I am a sucker for a good coat of paint and vintage patterns.

4. This dress
Oh, I love it so much! That panel down the front is awesome.

3. This print.
This shop has a lot of cute prints.

2. These shoes are too good!

1. Katie's adorable little creatures.
I love the little buttons on the feet, such a cute touch!

It is freezing outside today but it is nice and sunny so I'm going to stay inside and pretend it's warm out. Also, I have started watching RuPaul's Drag Race after being reminded about it by Lily so that's happening on my television today. Have a great Friday!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

photos :: just hanging out

Yesterday I spent some time with my new friend Andrea and her adorable daughter. Here are a few little shots from our day.
Warning: If you come hang out with me I will try to talk you into going to Cake & Loaf Bakery. So good!
I've said it before and I will say it again, my favourite part of blogging is the awesome people I get to meet. Also, I am convinced that you have to be a certain type of person to blog because I have so many things in common with all the bloggers I have had the pleasure of meeting.

What did you get up to yesterday?


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

what i wore :: black, white and blue

:: head to toe ::
glasses :: Warby Parker
cardigan :: H&M
brooch :: c/o Lotta Losten
dress :: thrifted (actually a skirt)
tights :: Walmart
shoes :: c/o B.A.I.T

If you notice any cat hair on my black sweater, don't worry, it's totally intentional. Cat hair on black clothes is all the rage this year in case you haven't heard. If you don't have a cat yourself let me know and I can hook you up with some high quality fur. 

I have had this skirt since high school and it is one of my favourite things in my closet. I love that I can wear it as a skirt or turn it into a dress. Usually when I wear it as a dress I add a belt but this time I decided to skip it. I really like this look too.

I am kind of in love with my shoes. Last time I visited Kaylah I admired her white pair of B.A.I.T. shoes. So naturally I had to get all matchy-matchy with a black pair of my own. They make me feel so fancy!

Oh, and one last thing! I took these photos (and some of my other recent outfit photos) at night with some studio lighting that I thrifted. I am so thrilled with the results and I love that it allows me to use the curtains as a backdrop. During the day the light coming in the window makes it really tricky to use them. When I take my photos at night I just aim my studio lights at the ceiling and they light up the room perfectly! Love, love love!

Today I am off to hang out with Andrea! So much fun!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

vlog :: What does your creative process look like?

Chantilly and I are back yet again to talk your ears off. This time we are chatting about our creative processes. One day I kind of realized that the way I think I should do things is not the way I naturally want to do them. It was very interesting to me and it helped me feel better about my creative process. Let's go!
We only have one video left (after this) wearing these same clothes so take it all in people. As usual, if you feel like sharing your creative process leave us a comment! Thanks for watching and have a fantastic day.


Monday, March 26, 2012

restyle :: suitcases

Ever since I saw Rachel's tutorial on covering suitcases with pretty fabric I have been itching to try it. As you may have already seen I covered a suitcase for our bedroom in my most favourite fabric ever (so far).

I had these two suitcases that I wasn't crazy about the colour of so I decided to paint them as well as cover the tops in fabric.
I love the fabric on the pink one. I'm on the fence about the fabric on the purple one though. I might keep my eyes open for something that will look even prettier.

If anyone is interested I used Martha Stewart high gloss craft paint in 'Hydrangea Purple' and 'Amaranth'. The purple took about three coats to cover while the pink took four. 


Sunday, March 25, 2012

what i wore :: new tights

:: head to toe ::
scarf :: thrifted
glasses :: Coastal
dress :: c/o Tiny Yellow Bird
belt :: thrifted
tights :: Walmart
shoes :: Blowfish (from a few years ago)

I love this dress as is but I'm thinking of adding a cute little something to the front. I really love the heart idea but I'm trying to think of something a little different that is equally cute. I'm sure I'll keep you posted.

I just scored a whole bunch of really great tights in a ton of fun colours at, believe it or not, Walmart. They were each only $5! Most of my tights are getting runs and rips so it was time to restock. I bought almost every colour including these cute light purple ones. They actually feel like really decent quality too. Yeah, I'm pretty excited about tights over here.


PS. Don't forget that you can enter to win your own pair of Blowfish shoes!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

call for sponsors :: april

Once again, I will be accepting sponsors for April and as always, if you are interested in sponsoring I would love to chat. You can send me an email at loveelycia[at]gmail[dot]com or find more information on my sponsor page.

Thank you so much to my March sponsors, you guys are fantastic and it has been great having you! I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!


Friday, March 23, 2012

giveaway :: blowfish shoes

Hello again!

I'm pretty excited to share this giveaway with you today. I have loved Blowfish shoes for such a long time and now I get to host a giveaway so that you can win a pair of your own!
What's up for grabs?
The winner will receive the Blowfish shoe of their choice!

How to Enter? (please leave a way to contact you if you win)
Visit Blowfish and leave a comment telling me which pair of shoes you would pick if you win!

Additional Entries:
1. Like Blowfish on Facebook
2. Follow Blowfish on Twitter

This giveaway is open to readers in the US and Canada only. I will announce the winner on Friday March 30th. Good luck!


5 Fave Friday

5. This skirt/jumper is so adorable. It even has a little heart on the back. 
I really want to try to make something like this myself. I need to make some time for sewing!

4. Pretty spring shoes.
I'm not sure which pair I love more! I really like the big laces and the pretty colours.

3. This shake/smoothie.
Andrea came up with a delicious recipe! I made one yesterday and I am craving one for breakfast today.

2. Jill's bleach painting DIY.
I am slightly terrified of bleach (I know, I bleach my hair) but I really like the effect of this bleach painting.

1. Mollie's super cute pencil tube DIY
The colours are so cute and the scallops extra adorable!

We are supposed to have another beautiful day today and it is going to be a struggle to stay inside and conquer my to do list. I'll have to add something outdoors to it for sure! I'm curious, since we are having unseasonably warm weather here in Hamilton, what is everyone else dealing with? Is your weather acting funky too? Either way, I hope you have a great day!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

video :: Behind the Scenes of an Outfit Photo Shoot

Hello again!

Remember the outfit photos from this morning? I sure hope so, that was only a few hours ago! Well, Kaylah and I thought that it would be super fun to film a little behind the scenes footage while we were taking them. We were was/is fun. While Kevin took our photos, Ivan played the role of sneaky videographer and caught all of our silliness on film. I love this video a lot, it might be my favourite so far!
Ahh! So fun!

Today I have already been busy in the garden and I can't wait to get back out there and enjoy the beautiful day! I am totally ok with our confused March weather. I hope you all have a great day!


PS. Did you see this mega sweet post that Andrea did about me? We met earlier this week and she is super awesome.

what we wore :: b&w vs colours

:: head to toe ::
glasses ::
dress :: Day after Day Dress in Garden c/o ModCloth
cardigan :: Target
brooch :: thrifted
tights :: Urban Outfitters
shoes :: Modcloth
*pop by Kaylah's blog to see her outfit details*

Kaylah and I braved some pretty chilly temperatures to take these photos. It is funny to look back now and remember how cold we were because the weather has been absolutely beautiful and summer like lately. I love the way our outfits look together again and this shoot verified that taking outfit photos with a friend is twice as fun as taking them alone. And no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you...we are wearing matching cat shoes. I'm so happy to have a friend who doesn't think that cat shoes are ridiculous and who thinks that wearing them at the same time is a good idea. :D

For two people who are generally pretty skilled at jumping photos we sure managed to take a bunch of jump fail shots this time! This one isn't a mega fail like some of them but I think it is pretty funny.
Kaylah and I will be back later with a little behind the scenes video. I'm so excited to share it!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

sponsor feature :: march

Hi again,

As usual I have a great bunch of sponsors to share with you today. Grab an iced coffee or a tea or a water or whatever it is you like to sip and say hello to some of these great people!

*Save 25% off in Melinda's font shop with: ELYCIA25

Pretty great, eh? (I got all Canadian on you right there, how does that make you feel?)