Tuesday, March 27, 2012

vlog :: What does your creative process look like?

Chantilly and I are back yet again to talk your ears off. This time we are chatting about our creative processes. One day I kind of realized that the way I think I should do things is not the way I naturally want to do them. It was very interesting to me and it helped me feel better about my creative process. Let's go!
We only have one video left (after this) wearing these same clothes so take it all in people. As usual, if you feel like sharing your creative process leave us a comment! Thanks for watching and have a fantastic day.



  1. Hey look-at-me-go .. first comment for you ladies: just pasting over from M.G.T so you could hear me rant too :o)
    Baha - that last clip!! How many vlogs did you make in one night?! wow... anywho - since you asked:
    Um, I resonated with you Elycia... I don't usually have a big plan in my head, I look at all the (hoarded) crap around me and say "lets make something funky/practical/fun..etc".
    I love the challenge of 'upcycling' especially.. so working with something that already is one thing - and making it another - hopefully better, version.
    I do your stunts too Chantilly.. buying it at the fabric store then going 'poop'! I absolute HATE following patterns, pining ahead, or any other sane approaches - I just want to wing it and have the instant gratification of pulling another project off while the babes SLEEP!

    There.. that's my blurb. :o)
    needle and nest

  2. I love your Canadian accents ['Merican here]

    If I ever sew I actually find I have to make patterns, plan ahead and gather all my supplies up. Part of my creative process is hoarding materials though I'm really all over the place craft wise so I have little bits of everything you can imagine here. I just approaching sewing like baking, since I'm not very adept at it, thus I can't imagine free forming here!

    My main craft is collage. I find part of my creative process is cutting and cutting and cutting for hours. I just let my mind drift and it opens it up. There are times I'll just get inspired by "real art" so I'll look at vintage advertisements and typography and street art and even buildings just to kind of open my mind.

    I approach the elements like a puzzle I think which means I just dump a bunch of pieces on my desk and move them around until everything fits. I really like to juxtapose colors and patterns that don't "work" in most minds or do stuff that's really off the wall like cats with laser eyes. I guess Pop Art inspires me?

    I feel like my process is: acquire visual stimuli, gather and prepare materials together, spread out my supplies and then piece together each bit until I have a product. It's pretty free form :)


  3. Commented over on Chantilly's blog (thanks for a fun vlog).

  4. When I was in art school (I studied illustration) they actually tried to teach us how to have a rewarding creative process but they failed horribly. Nobody seemed to be able to follow the guidelines they gave us. We where all so different! I'm pretty lazy planning-wise so I just dive in and hope it'll turn out allright and if it doesn't I'll just start over. I do like to pick out colors before I even think about what I'm going to do haha. I'm pretty color obsessed and it really helps my creative process.
    Anyway, I love these vlogs! It makes me kinda sad to know there's only one left! I'm hoping for a new batch ;D
    <3 Anne

  5. Hi guys, I have to say I don't really understand my creative process, other than three things:
    -I need constraints,self-imposed or otherwise, I like to solve my creative 'problems.'
    -I really have to be in the right mood otherwise I'll just sit there staring blankly at the stuff on my desk.
    -I always get inspired when I can't do anyting about it, I usually get ideas when I'm sat there daydreaming, which usually means when I'm at work (if it's quiet) or when I'm trying to go to sleep. So annoying!

  6. Great Vlog!

    My creative process is basically just me drawing down ideas in my journal then getting what I need to make them come to life. I have tons of ideas in my journal; such as, things I want to make for my shop, DIY tutorials for my blog, or simple ideas for my blog. Then I also write down what tools I’ll need to create them next to my illustration—and that’s as far as the planning goes.

    I do have exact measurement in my mind before cutting if I’m making a purse or zipper pouch, but most of the time they end up changing as I’m cutting my pattern. I’d overall my creative process is 50% organization and 50% on the fly.

  7. Awesome Vlog!

    I'm seriously loving this video series you and Chantilly are doing. I look forward to a new video with your awesome insights every week! :)

    As for my creative process...

    I generally get these moments that feel like a crazy INTENSE creative high or buzz. Literally my mind is wracked with idea, after idea, after IDEA. To the point where I can't sleep until I've written down and made sketches of all of these ideas, and sometimes even start some of the projects if I have the materials on hand. Oh the life of a creative can be crazy!

  8. One of these days I'll do a Vlog. I always get stage fright lol. I think my creative process is binge collecting a lot of inspiration whether it be thru blogs, pinterest, my environment, my family, my past, and then take a break from the binge and just relax and clear my mind to let a mesh of all of the inspiration turn into something current and "original". Usually somewhat unorganized, but it depends on what the topic is. Usually a little bit of structure is in there, but not always. This was fun! Thanks for putting it together =)

    - Sarah

  9. Ahh! It's so comforting to know that I'm not alone in the fact that I just don't like to plan! (In all facets of my life, really...I'm currently trying this whole keep a to-do list and journal thing, and it's totally not working, hah!) I would most certainly rather wing it...although it usually doesn't turn out how I hope. My craft of choice is crochet, so when that happens, I can usually just rip it out and start over.

    One thing I have noticed about my creative process is that it's hard for ideas to just pop into my head. I don't think like an artist, I think like a writer, because that's what I'm better at...so I have to find inspiration from somewhere else. I tend to see ideas that I love, and figure out how to make them my own and put my own unique spin into them.

    Thanks for sharing your creative processes, ladies!
    xo, Allie


  10. I posted two comments on thursdays blog :)

  11. u may be sick of my comments by now tho ;)

  12. This was a really interesting vlog and comments! My process seems to have similarities with what a lot of other people have already mentioned. I am all over the place when it comes to channeling my creations! I collect all sorts of things from thrift stores, garage sales, found, collected or gifted items from other people and I, dangerously, let myself wander in the craft store and pick up supplies I can't always immediately find a need for, but know I can likely use at some point. I LOVE reusing materials of any and all types.

    My collage process sounds very similar to Little Goose's... I have piles of collage materials and sometimes just cut for hours and then play around with images, letting the collage come to me. When is it done? It's one of those things that I just kinda know, even if I didn't know what I was going for initially. Sometimes I can make collage after collage in a night, and other collages sit around for months, waiting for the perfect piece.

    Sometimes I like making up arbitrary rules for myself to work withing (like limiting my collage sources, using a stash of something, etc.), other times I have a spontaneous idea and then decide I need to do it, which is why I like to keep a random selection of things on hand. Once I start, I really don't like having to go out and purchase something. I don't really pre-plan too much (outside of letting the idea marinate in my head and sometimes work on visualizing how components will fit together), until I start getting all the pieces together and figuring out what order to do stuff. I have started to try to keep a little sketchbook of sewing projects, simply so I have someplace to keep my measurements and dimensions straight, especially for things like clothes. I seem to go through phases and focus on say, sewing really intensely, than I jump to something else, like painting, and do that intensely for a while (sometimes these phases last weeks, other times a few hours.) Some days things are slow and I just have to force myself to play in a medium and then I get going. Other days my brain seems to be exploding with ideas. I like spending time alone and I also feel like all of the walking (especially in nature!) and riding public transportation I do gives me good times for some of those mental activities.


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