Friday, April 30, 2010

5 fav friday

hi everyone! here are some things i especially like this week.

5.  cool phones


i actually have this lip phone. it was a gift from one of my awesome friends. i feel like dj tanner when i use it.

4. these camera holders from Sweet Treats. soooo amazing.
i feel like maybe i have mentioned these before...they are just sooo cool! check out sweet treats on etsy...they have lots of awesome items!!

3. this colour

i love so many colours. i think colour might be one of my favourite things. this week i really like mint green.

2. twin peaks
i've just started watching but i love it already :) a couple of my friends highly recommend this show! it is super interesting so far...i can't wait to watch more!
1. this
i think this wins the prize for the cutest thing i have seen all week! i love it!!!

i hope everyone has a great friday. i'm off to the hair salon later today, hooray! then i'm going to give myself some fun hair tomorrow. i can't wait!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

every girl has a story - Derby

this is Derby.
Derby loves to crochet but can't commit to an afghan. Instead she uses her granny squares for Go Granny headbands. Derby is a bit of a granny herself; she loves tea, cardigans, brooches and Murder she Wrote.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


one of my favourite bloggers is having a giveaway. go visit kaylah and her kitties at the dainty squid to enter!
anyone else know of any awesome giveaways going on now?


i ♥ etsy - week 9


today i get to feature Maria Bella Jewelry from the BESTeam. Based out of California, she has been creating jewelry for 6 years now. and...she loves cats. here are some pretty items from Maria Bella Jewelry on etsy.

check Maria Bella Jewelry out on etsy and at her blog where she posts some interesting articles on jewelry, including how to take care of different kinds and some history.

talk to you soon!

ps. i have more new girls coming soon!

Monday, April 26, 2010

every girl has a story - Claire

i have a bunch more helpers to introduce. meet Claire.
Claire loves parties, party planning, presents, presents and more presents; especially ones with big bows on top. Claire's favourite day of the year is her birthday and her favourite accessories are Take a Bow clips and headbands. Claire can be a little self-centered but you didn't hear that from me.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

fun fun fun

hello, i hope everyone had a good weekend :) we had a pretty fun one. friday we went bowling with ivan's work friend. bowling is cool and i realized that i like the looks of bowling shoes. i would consider wearing them as regular shoes.

saturday i thought i was getting the flu (what?!) but i think i was just super sleepy because sunday i felt great again. or maybe i cured myself by drinking a ton of tea saturday night.

sunday ivan and i ran some errands which included buying some awesome bright coloured hair dye! i'm so excited! i don't trust my bleaching skills so i'm going to get that done professionally (at least the first time). i can't wait to have fun hair :)

to finish our weekend off we took my cousin out for a very belated birthday dinner. his birthday was in september, ahem...oops. we went to a restaurant in burlington that my mom really likes called the martini house and the chef made me a super special, super delicious vegan dish. it was sooo yummy. my favourite part was the pureed fennel and apple thing which somehow tasted like garlic mashed potatoes. i need to learn how to make that.

talk to you soon,

Friday, April 23, 2010

5 fav friday

good morning everyone! as usual, i like a bunch of things...

5. this tea set.
wow wow wow, it is soooo cute. i love it. also, this one is super cute
4. this colour combination

3. cute cat stuff
modcloth has so many cute cat things right now! i love it! those are the best measuring cups i have ever seen.

2. play-doh
i have a small container of play-doh on my book shelf. i opened it last night and remembered how much i love that stuff. i love playing with it, i love the smell, i love the pretty colours. yeah play-doh!

1. coloured tights!
i'm building up a pretty good collection of fun tights.

my plan for today is to get a post-it list going of all the things i need to do. i think it's going to be a long list. i have another couple headband girls (every girl has a story) to introduce soon so get ready to meet some new friends.
have a great day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy earth day!

happy earth day everyone!

 ivan and i at albion falls last fall

i didn't do anything especially earthy today, but i'm setting a goal for myself: use the green bin more often. usually when i'm cooking i get lazy and just throw my green bin waste in the garbage...i'm bad. soo, my new goal is to designate a 'scraps' bowl and then take it out and dump it in the smelly green bin.

did you do anything special for earth day?


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i ♥ etsy - week 8

hi friends,

thanks so much to everyone who participated in the giveaway here and over at my girl thursday! it was so much fun and i really appreciate all the super nice comments! congrats to the winners Ashley (who won the apron) and Lindsay (who won some of my goodies).

This week as part of the BESTeam i'm featuring Swan Mountain Soaps.  "Swan Mountain Soaps specializes in natural handmade cold-process artisan soaps and body products" (that quote was too perfect...i couldn't change it).All of the products are made completely from scratch with only natural ingredients which is awesome.

there are so many different items to choose from you realllllly should go look at their etsy. here are a few examples of their beautiful products.

the geek soap is funny and the other soaps look soo yummy...but i still don't want my mouth washed out with any of them :). Swan Mountain also has lip balm, bath bombs, perfumes...the list goes on. check them out.

Swan Mountain Soaps also has a cool blog.. they recently did a poll to see what kind of soap people want. i missed it but i would have voted vegan :) check them out here.

thanks all for now! i'm off to tutor.

Monday, April 19, 2010


 ahhhhh! i'm sooo excited. let's see who won the awesome apron/smock from my girl thursday.

i put the names in a cup...
then there was a drum roll (in my head)...i closed my eyes...and then i picked a winner!
congratulations jinx (aka Ashley)!! ashley has a cute blog, you should check it out :)
email me at with your info so we can mail you your prize!!

i had a lot of fun doing this giveaway! i'm planning another one right now, i'm in the gathering process! stay tuned :)

don't forget to check my girl thursday's blog for the winner of my items!!


getting to know me

i thought i would do an introduction post inspired by kaylah.

♥ - my name is elycia. i like to make things, play music, be silly and have fun.

♥ - i have 2 cats...farva and anakin. (i think one day i'll give them each a full introduction...i have so much to say about these handsome guys)

♥ - i love star wars. all of them. even the ones no one else likes.

♥ - i like to change my hair.

some other stuff...
♥ - i play a bunch of instruments inclucing piano, drums/percussion, guitar, bass, trumpet (kind of), viola (learning).
♥ - i love video games. my favourites are zelda (super nintendo one and the ocarina of time), the sims and some of the final fantasy series. my best friend and i used to get a little crazy about zelda and play for hours and hours at a time.
♥ - i'm in the process of going vegan. my goal is to completely cut out all animal products by the end of may.
 ♥ - i had a lip ring for a long time. i accidentally left it out too long once. i kind of want it back.
♥ - my left side is my 'good side'. i don't like pictures taken from the right. haha.
♥ - i have a strange sense of humour.
♥ - i love reading and board games and going to the movies.
♥ - sometimes i spend too much time thinking about all the things i could be doing and not enough time doing them.
♥ - i love reading people's comments on my posts. soooo much!

well, there's still a lot more about me...i'll keep you updated :)

have a great monday!

ps. don't forget to enter the giveaways here and here!  they end today at 5pm est!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


don't forget to stop by my girl thursday's blog to enter the giveaway for a few of my some other goodies!
the giveaway is on until monday at 5pm est!

i hope you're having a great weekend! today we're having a little jam session and then going to an engagement party in toronto. maybe we'll have time to do some toronto shopping! it's been so long since i've done that :)

talk to you soon!

ps. don't forget to enter my giveaway below!

Friday, April 16, 2010

GIVEAWAY: my girl thursday

i hardly ever use caps...can you tell i'm excited?

my girl thursday has been sweet enough to offer up an awesome item for me to give away. the item is a lovely reversible smock.  Made with "second chance" textiles (recycled, thrifted, repurposed)  and accented with vintage buttons. Thursday is working on re-opening her Etsy at the beginning of July so you can't even buy these smocks yet! you'll be the first owner of one, how exciting!

i want one...can i enter my own giveaway? hehe, probably not.

if you don't already know thursday you should, she's pretty awesome.

Chantilly McKinnon, aka Thursday, is a lifelong thrifter inspired by things old and sometimes forgotten.  
She weaves elements of vintage illustration and/or second chance textiles throughout her line of work.

A handmade revolution is happening over at my girl thursday!  Stay tuned to see what is created next.

Any given day you can find Thursday trying to cram in as much crafting, thrifting, baking and blogging as possible. Follow the daily ramblings of this truly stubborn woman as she works to make her dreams come true.
check out thursday's full story here.
Thursday and i both love lots of different types of creating, what is your favourite thing to create?

how to enter... 
♥Follow my blog and leave a comment telling me the thing you most enjoy creating (or just doing in general)

For some extra entries (leave each as a separate comment)
♥Follow my girl thursday's blog and comment here. (leave thursday a sweet comment too!)
♥Blog about this giveaway and comment here with a link.
♥Follow me on Twitter.  Tweet about this giveaway and comment here.  Make sure to include my Twitter name in your tweet :).
♥Follow my girl thursday on Twitter.  Tweet about this giveaway and comment here.  Make sure to include my Twitter name in your tweet.

The giveaway will close Monday April 19th at 5pm EST. A winner will be announced shortly after!

good luck!!

ps. my girl thursday is doing a giveaway of some of my items! make sure to enter!