Monday, May 26, 2014

What I Wore :: It's my party and I'll post this silly photo if I want to

 photo onlyphoto_zps94d8a197.png
:: glasses c/o BonLook :: jacket, thrifted :: shirt c/o ModCloth :: skirt c/o ModCloth :: shoes, thrifted ::

FYI, today is my birthday and I'm officially in my thirties. Well, I guess I was last year too when I turned 30...but turning 31 makes me feel like I'm in my thirties instead of just 30.

Last weekend (not the one that just passed, the one before) we tried to take some outfit photos. I got Ivan to quickly snap one to test the settings and then Milo was done. Then someone needed to pull into their driveway which was kind of near where I was standing so I pulled the plug on the whole operation.

I decided to share this silly photo anyways. I hope everyone has a really great Monday!


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Friday, May 23, 2014

5 Fave Friday

5. I have this dress in yellow and it is great. It's a nice, slightly longer length dress and it just falls really nicely.

4. I have so much fabric just sitting in my closet from years ago. I have been thinking about making pants for Milo and just stumbled across this.
The instructions seem kind of like one of those, "well, duh" type things (I don't mean that in a rude way) but I really appreciate them because it eliminates trial and error.

3. This test tube spice rack is pretty neat!
I imagine it would be a bit of a pain in the butt to fill...and it would probably need to be filled often. It is really cute though.

2. I need to make these.
They sound soooooo good. Cashew anything is topping my list right now.

1. This map print bow tie is adorable. Uh, I mean, super manly. Manly things can still be adorable.

Ok, so, I know there is something you have all been dying to know since you visited my blog yesterday. Yes, I got my library card. It was such a nice day that we walked to the library and then stopped at the park to play on the swings. Milo was having a great time swinging. He was smiling and giggling and singing. Until I tried to take a photo. Then he just looked like he was over it.
Why are Milo's socks pulled up so high? I don't know, ask him. Does it look like I dress him?

Have a great Friday!


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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Photos :: 365 (May 8 - 14, 2014)

128/365 :: I had been getting annoyed that there are always so many dishes to wash so while I was putting Milo to bed Ivan did them. He's pretty great.
129/365 :: These pretty flowers were a favour from the shower a went to a while back.
130/365 :: Peeking out the window. Can you tell what we're watching?
131/365 :: Mother's Day breakfast! Look at that steam.
132/365 :: All the blue.
133/365 :: The flowers are in focus instead of the photo...I think either my eyes or my camera need adjusting.
134/365 :: Hanging out at our friend's house.
For some reason I was in a really great mood yesterday. Not that I'm normally in a bad mood, I guess it was just an especially good mood. The weather was really nice, I got of the house and Milo and I just generally had a good time. Today I'm going to head to the library and get a library card. I actually went yesterday to do that but realized that I left my wallet at home. Actually, at the time I didn't actually know if my wallet was actually at home or at the place I went to last yesterday but luckily it was actually at home in Milo's room. Actually, that's why I need to go back today actually, actually, actually.

Have a great Thursday!


Friday, May 16, 2014

5 Fave Friday

5. This top is so pretty.

4. Do you guys realize that The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is on Netflix?
I had never seen the entire theme song until I saw it on Netflix. I didn't know those other parts existed. Ok, so I just have to mention something about the worst episode of Fresh Prince in Season One. First I have a question though: did they not actually air the first episode? I'm asking because episode 8 (I think it was 8) was a flashback episode. Seriously? They were at the mall and they kept flashing back to scenes from the first episode. Not just short little clips either, looooong ones. What? We just saw these clips. So strange. Other than that though, I'm really happy to be watching this show again. It's helping me brush up on my 90's lingo.

3. These cell phone cases are so pretty.

2. Ok you guys. Before we go any further with this online relationship...I need to know which Full House character you are.

  1. You got: Joey Gladstone
    ABC Television

    You’re charismatic, funny, a bit immature, and, of course, always the life of the party.

At first I was like, "What?! Joey? Ugh." I am totally cool enough to be Uncle Jesse and I would have loved to be Danny Tanner because he is my favourite. But the more I thought about it the more Joey made sense. I think I'm really funny and I'm kind of annoying. Cut. It. Out.

1. Mmmmm broccoli.
I love broccoli. I like eating broccoli and this broccoli illustration is really pretty.

I did not get the nice weather I was wishing for yesterday. It rained off and on all day. It's raining again now. I am not complaining thought because absolutely anything is better than snow and the rain is making all of the plants grow a ton. I love seeing how different they look everyday. Two days ago I saw the first ant on one of our peony plants. I can't wait for those things to bloom!


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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Photos :: 365 (May 1 - 7, 2014)

121/365 :: Ok, full disclosure. I totally took a photo for May 1st but realized a couple days later that I didn't take a photo that had the word "May" in it. So...I took this one to replace it. Why do I feel the need to tell you these things that you would have no way of knowing? I don't know...I'm too honest I guess.
122/365 :: That face.
123/365 :: I'm trying to get Milo to like Cabbage Patch Dolls. This little baldy looks kind of like him.
124/365 :: Evening trees.
125/365 :: Again with that face. It kind of drives me bonkers that most of my photos aren't perfectly focused. I would really love Milo's eyes to be in focus. They are so cute though that I don't stay too mad at myself.
126/365 :: A button I bought a while back to support La Leche League.
127/365 :: Annnnd, one last time...that face.

I have been having a lot of really great days lately. Milo is so interactive and fun to be around. I thought that I would like being a Mom but I didn't think I would love it as much as I do. Of course not everyday is perfect but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Everyday my goals are to live in the moment, be flexible, have fun and make sure Milo knows how much I love him. I am very lucky that I get to spend everyday with Milo; he's a pretty awesome little person.

As always, I hope you guys are having a great day. I'm spending some time with another friend today and hoping for nice weather so we can get outside to the park!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I had a really great Mother's Day this past weekend. Ivan made me my favourite breakfast (Tofu Rancheros & he even made the sauce from scratch!) and then we visited family the rest of the day. I took some photos with some non digital cameras so I thought I would share them.
 photo instax1_zps98a31e9b.png
 photo miloampIvan_zps251d0553.png
 photo gramma_zps187f9e03.png
 photo miloampelycia_zps7f6e56da.png
 photo nona_zps01968da7.png
 photo milohat_zps84e8be3c.png

I hope everyone had a good weekend and a great Mother's Day (if applicable).

I have an appointment and plans with a friend today. This week turned out to be a really busy one and I like it. It helps that it the weather is pretty great too. On the weekend we turned over our garden so we are hoping to get a few things planted this week. I also picked up a few flowers to help fill in our front garden. Man, that front garden is going to be a work in progress for a long time. Each year it gets a bit better but half of it is still pretty sad looking. I need detailed instructions on how to make it look pretty.


Friday, May 9, 2014

5 Fave Friday

I have been missed the past few weeks but I have had a mental list of all the awesome things I wanted to share with you guys! I am really excited about these things!!!

5. I am absolutely going to get this.
I have had two beta fish in the past (Garfunkel & Uncle Jesse) and while I loved them, I hated cleaning the tank. This is the perfect solution. Also, Ivan and I have been trying to grow our own wheatgrass so that makes this even more perfect.

4. Mortified Nation
Have you guys heard of Mortified? Well, I hadn't but Netflix recommended that I watch this movie and I am so happy that I did. I loved everything about it. It was so funny but also really heartwarming and touching. I would really love to see a live show some day.

3. I have become kind of obsessed with The Detoxinista.
Recently I googled a bunch of recipes and this blog kept popping up. There are so many yummy looking things that are on my list to make. Check it out!

2. This made me laugh so hard that I cried. Hopefully you will find it at least a little funny so you don't think I'm a total weirdo.

1. Dandies.

Holy crap you guys. These things are amazing. We have pretty much eliminated processed food from our diets but I just had to try these marshmallows. I thought they would be kind of 'meh' but I needed to see if I was right...I was totally wrong. They are off the hook. Like, way off the hook. They are so off the hook that they are basically a cordless phone. Side note: I just looked up what the term "off the hook" actually means because I always think of a phone being off the hook when I say it. I knew that wasn't where it came from but I am actually pretty off in my usage of the word. But...the person who wrote the description used "there" instead of "they're" so I'm not too worried. I use it in more of the Buster Bluth way, "Unlimited juice? This party is going to be off the hook!"

Ok, so that's all I have to say today. I hope everyone has a great Friday!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Photos :: The Double R Diner

 photo doublertwinpeaks_zps82e1e548.png
 photo doublerdiner_zpsee24aa11.png
 photo milotwinpeaks_zpsd0bb2cac.png
This one is for the Twin Peaks fans in the room. While we were in Seattle (geeze, that was a month ago now) we visited the Double R Diner, aka Twede's Cafe in North Bend, Washington.

I hardly took any photos because sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed in these types of situations. Also, as we were driving away I saw a mural on the back of the building of the 'Welcome to Twin Peaks' shot. I got flustered and was like, "Oh, just forget it." I wish we had stopped and taken some photos of that but it was just so neat to visit a little piece of Twin Peaks.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mothers Day Gifts with Uncommon Goods

Today I'm teaming up with Uncommon Goods to share some really cool items that would make great Mothers Day gifts. This will be my first Mothers Day with a baby outside of my belly and I'm actually kind of excited about it. I'm not super big on gifts for every holiday but I really wouldn't mind receiving a few of these items. Also, I should probably get cracking on getting something for my Mom...
 photo mothersdaygiftguide_zps45ec89bd.png
1. Cheese & Crackers Serving Board :: I don't actually eat cheese and crackers but I know other people do and this was too neat not to share. You could totally fill this with cookies too.

2. Salts of the World Test Tube Set :: This would be such a neat gift! Not only would it be fun to try different salts, the packaging is amazing.

3. Mushroom Kit :: I have actually been thinking about getting one of these kits for a while now. It looks cool and, after about 10 years of trying, I finally like mushrooms. Yes, I really did work very hard to like mushrooms.

4. State Dish Towels :: Obviously I don't live in a State (Canadian over here) but I think these are so neat! I love the embroidery and it would be cool to collect one for each state I have visited.

5. Baby Fortune Cookie Booties :: Uh, cutest booties ever. Not technically for me but I wouldn't mind going back in time and having these when Milo was tiny.

6. Flavour Infuser Water Bottle :: This looks so pretty and delicious.

7. Micro-Greens Kit :: Yes please. This would be a lovely addition to our kitchen.

In case you aren't familiar with Uncommon Goods, they are a really great company that features unique designs and handcrafted gifts while staying committed to treating people, animals & the environment with respect. There are so many amazing products on their website and I think it is pretty great that about one third of them incorporate recycled/upcycled materials and most are made in the USA. I mean, the US is no Canada but I guess it's still pretty cool.

In addition to the Mothers Day gift guide, you can click here to see some suggested gifts for women.  If you want something personalized you can also search for that here.

I hope you are all having a good Tuesday. We have a car appointment today and then I will be headed over to Service Ontario to get a new licence sticker. I know, I know, my life is very exciting. Try not to be too jealous of all the glamour.


This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods but as you may have noticed, I have never actually done a sponsored post before because I am really funny & picky about them. I really do love a ton of the items that Uncommon Goods carries and I think you will too. Also, they seem like a genuinely good company that I am proud to work with.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Photos :: 365 (April 23 - 30, 2014)

113/365 :: Milo enjoying some outdoor time with his new favourite ball.
114/365 :: Milo through the glass.
115/365 :: Milo likes turning on the PS3 and ejecting the discs.
116/365 :: Three generations.
117/365 :: We went to Toronto to meet up with my friend Alex and she took us to a dog park. Milo was pretty thrilled!
118/365 :: I finally tried out my Scratch nails and they are really cute. I kind of did a bad job of putting them on though because they started to peel kind of quickly. Also, I went to bed before my top coat totally dried so that didn't help.
119/365 :: I made cauliflower pizza for dinner and it was so delicious. I tried to take a photo of it and it looked like vomit. So here's some fresh basil instead.
120/365 :: Cool cat card.
So this was a special week. Not only did you get almost an entire week of Milo photos, you also got almost an entire week of Milo in the same sweater photos. We only have a few button/zip up sweaters for him and this one is my favourite so it sees a lot of action.

We had a pretty good weekend over here. Yesterday I went to a friend's wedding shower and left Milo for the first time. Yeah, he's over 10 months old and I hadn't been away from him for more than a grocery store trip. Milo hung out with Ivan and my Mom while I was at the shower and they had a great time! I think it is good for me to know that Milo can survive without me for a couple hours.

That's all that's new around here I think. I hope everyone had a good weekend!