Thursday, September 30, 2010

kind of late notice...but i will be updating my etsy shop sometime tomorrow! I plan on having some moustaches (of course) as well as some fall and halloween items that i'm really excited about! stop by sometime in the afternoon if you want to see my new goodies :)


i ♥ etsy - week 27

hello! this week i am featuring Alexander's Designs from the BESTeam. Here is some of the pretty jewelery available in their etsy shop.
They also have a really cool option to put your own image on a piece of glass...
Stop by the Alexander's Designs blog too!


ps. i'll be back in a few hours with an update announcement :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

happy birthday anakin!

i'm a few days late...but September 23rd was anakin's estimated birthday. he turned 4! yikes! here is the story of how we got anakin. ( is kind of long)

ivan and i got anakin from petsmart (they bring different spca pets there each month) on january 23 2007. i had always been more of a dog person since i had a rottweiler growing up. however, living in an apartment and spending a lot of time at school i didn't think a dog was a good idea for us...and there was no way i could talk ivan into one, haha.

my friend and i liked to take the bus up to ancaster and go to winners and petsmart instead of studying or going to class...oops, we were bad.
i had always loved orange cats...then one day we walked in to petsmart and there were TWO super cute orange kitties. one was in a cage with his mom and the other one was all by himself. i said: i neeeeed one of those cats. we had plans to go to the movies that night with ivan so we took him to petsmart first and he agreed to get a kitty! we had to wait until the next morning though to pick him up. we were leaning towards the little guy who was all by himself because we didn't want to split up the mom and baby and at the time we didn't want 2.
so the next morning my friend and i bused up to petsmart right when it opened and rushed in. turns out someone had adopted the mom and son after we left the night before. that made the choice easy! i adopted anakin (whose name at the time was nelson), bought some kitty supplies and we headed home.

anakin was very shy when we brought him home and he hid under the couch for hours! we finally coaxed him out with a tempting string toy and then he started to get a bit more comfortable.
anakin facts:
- he's still a bit shy and he runs and hides when too many people come over or when we vacuum...or just if something spooks him.
- he is very good at answering to his name with a funny half meow and usually comes when he's called
- he doesn't like to be picked up but loves to snuggle if you're sitting on the couch or computer chair.
- he gets mad if i close the bathroom door. he stands outside demanding to be let in
- his nicknames are: dubby, dub, anakin bear, and a few more variations of those, haha.

we love anakin so much! happy birthday dubby!
anakin likes cpks :)


Monday, September 27, 2010

kindfood and supercrawl

saturday was a really fun day. i took ivan out to kindfood for lunch and it was so good!
they have celebrity quotes on the floor. i like it :)
for dessert i got a chocolate mint cupcake and ivan had peanut butter chocolate, so good!
if you are local you should definitely visit kindfood. it is not super cheap but they use really high quality ingredients and it is super delicious.

then we made our way to supercrawl!
my friend alex and her bf dan came down too. (don't worry, i asked their permission to post photos of them here, hehe)
 i have known alex since before kindergarten...there are some hilarious ballet photos floating around somewhere to  prove this. i need to find them. alex is awesome and super supportive annnddd she makes my buttons for me! you can check out her etsy shop to see some of her other button creations! (there are some reallllly cute halloween ones!)
i love this photo of my table that ivan took!

and moustaches were a big hit at supercrawl! look!
i love it! even boys were buying them...i didn't get any photos of that though.

i have some things in store for you this etsy update announcement, another installment of 'the amazing elycia' and hopefully another giveaway!

until next time,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

and the winner is...

i decided to go old school and pull the name out of a tupperware container.
and the winner of the giveaway from Sweet Pea by Kaelah Bee is...

congratulations! i will be emailing you immediately :) thanks so much to kaelah for hosting a giveaway here! you're awesome!

i hope everyone had a great weekend!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

new do

just some pretty colours to start your weekend. ivan and i are off to kindfood then supercrawl! i'll take photos :)


ps. last day to enter the giveaway!

Friday, September 24, 2010

hi! i've had another busy day...this time preparing for supercrawl...
here are a few good things.

5. the beatles
i love the beatles every week...but i was listening to the oldies station a lot this week and i heard so many beatles songs. they make me happy :)

4. bowling bags
i saw one of these...bowling ball included...during the summer at value village. i thought the bag was awesome but i was like 'what am i going to do with a bolwing ball?" now i WISH i had bought it. it was one of those thinking rationally while thrifting moments that you regret later, haha.

3. elephant mug!
sooo cute. i need it!

2. this bag from just because, by lee lee

i love converse shoes and this bag is too cute!

1. Veg News magazine
 i got a free magazine at the Vegetarian Food Fair and i now love this magazine! it has lots of great info and recipes for vegetarians and vegans. check it out if you are interested!

have a great friday evening! and...maybe i'll see some of you locals at supercrawl? fingers crossed!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

things i'm excited about...

hello hello. so i'm pretty excited about 2 things this week.

1. supercrawl
if you are near hamilton i think you should come! it starts at 1:00pm i believe and there will be music and art and awesomeness. also, i'm going to have a table set up (starting at 6) selling my goodies. check out the supercrawl website and get excited!

2. remember the store i mentioned, White Elephant?
image from loveitalot
some of my bows and bow headbands are in the shop! i knitted up a pretty group in fall colours and took them over today. if you're on James North pop in to take a look and say hello to the lovely ladies who run White Elephant.
have a great day :)


ps. don't forget about the giveaway. you could win something from Sweet Pea by Kaelah Bee!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

october sponsors

yikes! i almost forgot to mention...i am accepting sponsors for October. Here's the info...
there are still Small and Large spots available for October if anyone is interested in promoting their blog or shop.  my daily traffic has been increasing which is good for me and you :) thanks so much to my September're pretty awesome.

If you are interested or want more info please look here or email me at loveelycia[at]hotmail[dot]com.

thanks so much friends...i really appreciate your support.


i ♥ etsy - week 26

hi :) today we get to say hello to BESTeam member Kirameku. Her shop is full of pretty items like these...

the watercolours are beautiful!

check out Kirameku's etsy and blog to see more of her work :)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i ♥ the woods

hello :) one of my favourite things about fall is going for walks in the woods. ivan and i went on sunday and guess what we saw?
deer! we saw 3 deer and we got so excited. they are so beautiful and graceful. thumbs up to ivan for his wildlife photography. if only we had brought the zoom lens!

we found a tiny tunnel...actually just a big metal tube thing.
we took some photos and then stood inside and sang 'stand by me' acapella (inspired by our friends who showed us their 'stand by me' duet, hehe). it sounded amazing!

then we found some giant mushrooms. they don't even look like mushrooms, more like giant baseballs.
that's ivan's hand for scale...he has big hands.

 my dirty shoes :)

and...the other day kaylah suggested trying some jumping photos...
this next one is my favourite, haha. i think it's funny, and it didn't come out blurry.

seriously so fun.
have a good night :)


ps. don't forget to enter the giveaway!