Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i ♥ the woods

hello :) one of my favourite things about fall is going for walks in the woods. ivan and i went on sunday and guess what we saw?
deer! we saw 3 deer and we got so excited. they are so beautiful and graceful. thumbs up to ivan for his wildlife photography. if only we had brought the zoom lens!

we found a tiny tunnel...actually just a big metal tube thing.
we took some photos and then stood inside and sang 'stand by me' acapella (inspired by our friends who showed us their 'stand by me' duet, hehe). it sounded amazing!

then we found some giant mushrooms. they don't even look like mushrooms, more like giant baseballs.
that's ivan's hand for scale...he has big hands.

 my dirty shoes :)

and...the other day kaylah suggested trying some jumping photos...
this next one is my favourite, haha. i think it's funny, and it didn't come out blurry.

seriously so fun.
have a good night :)


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  1. these pictures are great!!! your walk looks beautiful and i love the last deer picture! a great shot!

    you guys are soo super cute!!


  2. So awesome you actually caught pictures of the deer and saw them! They're always too quick for or I see them at night! You're too cute!

  3. Aw that looks like a great day! I love woodlnd walks. I would be sooo exited if I saw deer too!
    x Beth

  4. i love fall walks too and that photo of you with the bright red leaf is adorable. if i was feeling better i would definitely be going for some pretty fall walks with a tea and camera in hand. hopefully soon i'm feeling better and then the weather will be chillier (today was actually hot! weird hey?)

  5. Ummm can I please live there? We have got to have the ugliest fall weather in CA! Seriously. Not much pretty colors going on, and most people don't live near "woods" - and most deer are in the mountains. Sadface!

  6. We get to see lots of deer here, but we don't have any nice woods to walk through. I love your jumping pictures.

  7. I love woodland! Though I'm not quick enough to get pretty deer photos! It looks like you had an awesome time though!

  8. this pic is the AWESOMENEST

    AND i love your star earings! grr you photos make me wana get outer the city and explore!

  9. Such adorable pictures! I love the woods too, especially in fall. Then again I love just about everywhere in the fall because its my favorite season! xo


  10. Can't believe you caught that deer in mid-jump! So amazing!
    And the leaves are changing there! not here yet.
    Love your jumping pics! You are adorable!!

  11. I am completely in love with that second deer picture. It looks like you two had a hell of a lot of fun! I can't wait for some dry autumn weather here.

  12. The deer pictures are super! as are your jumping shots :D Eeee, I love your hair, so cute!

  13. That last deer picture is great! So cute!

    Your jumping pics came out great! I'm totally going to give that a go tomorrow! :)

  14. Haha you're so cute! I love deer, they're just so sweet! I now have "Stand By Me" stuck in my head. :) Oh and I totally would have thought that mushroom was a rock or something!

  15. Hello Elycia! (I'm waving if you can't tell, haha :) you and ivan are such a cute couple!

  16. Super duper cute, you are...and your boy! I don't know why I am talking like Yoda.

  17. Wow, amazing photos, the mushrooms look like puff balls, we found some http://serendipitychild.blogspot.com/search/label/foraging
    Which we picked and ate and they were yummy!


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