Wednesday, June 30, 2010

vintage love

hello hello :)
i have a TON of new vintage finds to share...i'm way behind. here are a few cute things i found a while ago. (these are mostly kitchen related i guess)

i am especially in love with the glasses and the pot :)
ok, i'm off to watch twin peaks! (i'm almost finished the whole series!!) talk to you tomorrow.

Monday, June 28, 2010

♥elycia etsy update

hooray! i'm planning a shop update on July 2 at 10 am EST.
i have lots and lots of items (including a brand new moustache design) ready to find new homes with cute people. i hope you love it!

talk to you soon!

Friday, June 25, 2010

5 fav friday

hi! i just finished a marathon photoshoot for my etsy update that i will announce very soon!
here are some things i think are awesome this week.

5.  wedges

wedges are the only heels i can wear without feeling silly, haha. i love heels but i only wear them for formal events. i have a pair of those keds ones, except a different colour, and i love them :)

4. these granny hearts!
check out the tutorial on this blog to learn how to make them

3. mango

i thought i didn't like mango...but as a friend explained to me a few years ago, i probably had never had ripe mango. she was right...i love ripe mango! we bought some delicious ones last week and they are perfect to eat now! 

sooo cute and funny :)

1. this necklace from Freshly Fig...i bought it :)
this shop has so many cute necklaces! go check it out :)

that's all for now! i'll be back this weekend with my update announcement.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

how it all began - part one

hi! i was thinking today while i was out for a bike ride about how i got into the blog world and i thought i would share a bit of the story.

before i discovered blogs i discovered etsy.  i found out about etsy when i saw Replicca's booth at a Makers' Market in Hamilton.
i went home and typed in the address that was on the postcard i got from her. hello etsy! i loved everything in her shop. one day when i was browsing through Replicca's items i noticed a link in one of the listings. modeling credit:

i clicked and it took me to a shop full of amazing knits! i was just getting back into knitting so i was super excited to see all the things this girl was making, and she was from hamilton too! yikes!
eventually i saw a link in the shop announcement that said BLOG
i clicked...hello blog world! it was the first blog i started following.

 i hadn't realized how cool blogs were! i loved that you got a peek into other people's lives and started to feel like you kind of knew them. i loved tara-lynn's outfit posts...
and knitting patterns :)
 i was hooked on blog reading and i was on the lookout for more. i started browsing tara-lynn's reading list for some blogs that stood out to me...
i'll pick up the story next time with what i found.

so...thanks tara-lynn for unknowingly introducing me to blogging! hopefully i didn't creep you out, haha. :)

i'll be back with part 2 of my journey into the blog world soon!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i ♥ etsy - week 16

hello again :) this week i'm excited to feature fellow BESTeam member Cadiwompus. This girl is only 13 and she has a really cute etsy shop and blog. here are a few cute items from Cadiwompus.
hehe, so sweet! go check out Cadiwompus on etsy and stop by the Cadiwompus blog for some cuteness.

talk to you soon,

ps. i'll be making some changes to my blog over the next little while, i'm so motivated right now and there are so many new things i want to do! (blog and otherwise)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


hi! i hope everyone had a great weekend! i had the hamilton makers' market on saturday. it was pretty fun but the turnout was a little low...i think people were afraid of the potential thunder storms! we didn't get rain but it was soooo windy! for my next outdoor show i need wind-proof displays. :) i still had a good time though! i got to meet this lovely lady! here's a photo of my table...
i love my table cloth :)

after the show and delicious indian lunch i came home to a great headband incognito was featured on etsy finds! i was very excited.
i'm off to make a few headbands! have a great night!


ps. i'm planning an etsy update super soon. stay tuned for the date!

Friday, June 18, 2010

5 fav friday

hi! i'm taking a short break from making cute things for the craft show i'm in tomorrow. if you are from the hamilton area it's at 252 james street north (at the cathedral). cross your fingers for nice weather! here are some awesome things :)

5. pretty craft rooms

right now my sewing machine is in the laundry room beside my kitties' litter box...gross! i'm moving it upstairs soon and i want to make my new craft room super fun and pretty! i can't wait!

4. this tutorial from chelsea at seablanket
 i need to make one for myself! so clever!

3. painting

i realllly want to start painting again. it has been such a long time. probably more than 10 years, yikes! i wonder if i still know how? i guess it's not really something you forget.

2. cool paper clips

1. cute fabric
i'm going to get some :)

enjoy the rest of your friday! i'll talk to you soon :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

questions answered part 2

If you could do anything with your hair, and know that in a week, it'd be back to how it was before, what would you do?
I've been very tempted lately to go dark, but i think i would miss my blonde too much. also, i love bangs but i get sick of them very quickly. soooo, maybe i would do this...
i love that photo! i do that pointing with the hand up thing all the time, haha.
How did you get your Etsy site rolling with purchases? 
When i reopened my etsy in February of this year i posted new items everyday for more than a month. I would also visit the forums frequently and see what people were talking about and join in. I think adding lost of items very often is the best way to get people to stop by your etsy shop!
knitted necklace from LDC designs

What kind of magazines do you like to look at, or what kind of magazines inspire you?
Truth be told...the most recent magazine i read was some old fashion magazine at the doctor's office, haha. i never read magazines, i don't know why. actuallly...i did look at a hairstyle magazine recently and it was pretty inspiring :)
does anyone have any good magazine recommendations for me?

What is your favourite weird ice-cream flavour?
frown...i can't eat ice-cream anymore! i did LOVE green tea ice cream so much! i need to get an ice cream maker so i can make my own vegan version.

Do you make a headband everyday or is it once and a while?
i go through stages with headband making. somedays if i am really motivated or if i have a cool new idea i will make a whole bunch in one day. also when i'm preparing for a craft show, like right now, i make as many as i can everyday!
 under normal circumstances i make headbands when i get the urge. currently i'm working on a few new products so they are taking up a lot of my time! new things are exciting! (details soonish)

How old are you? I am 10 and i have my own etsy store and blog :)
first of all, i am super impressed that you are 10 and already have an etsy shop and blog! seriously...i wish i started when i was 10! (ps. i got my bracelet, it is very cute, thank you!)
hmmmmm, i don't know why but i've been debating whether or not to tell my age. haha, it's good to have a little mystery right? well...i'll give you a hint...i'm older than 10. does anyone want to guess? i'm sure i have it posted online somewhere...and none of my friends who know are allowed to guess!!
that was so fun! thanks again for asking me interesting questions!
i'm doing the Hamilton Maker's Market (at the Cathedral on James St. North) this Saturday so i'm very busy preparing!
talk to you soon!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

questions answered

I love these questions!!  since the post got a bit long i only posted half of the questions...the other half are coming tomorrow!
What motivates you?
sunshine, pretty photos, daydreaming.  daydreaming sounds weird but i can think about things and get myself so excited i just have to start working on something! I also get really motivated by reading other people's blogs. i love seeing what people are up to. it really motivates me to get creative myself.

If you could either be a dinosaur or have one as a pet, any one...what would it be?
.i love dinosaurs! i won a dinosaur book in grade one and ever since i have been very interested in them...that being said...i don't know much about them. is that weird to be really interested in something and not take the time to learn more about it? i have a few things that fall into that category, haha. favourite dinosaur has always been the brontosaurus. apparently it's now called apatosaurus.
i love their long necks and they seem like they would be friendly. that is definitely the dinosaur i would be or have as a pet.
...or maybe a mustachasaurus (made by grrfeisty, roxy) it's basically a more stylish apatosaurus.
What were you like in high school? 
i was kind of quiet with people i didn't know well and i often worried that people would interpret my shyness as rudeness and not like me.  
at the same time though i wasn't super concerned with fitting in and i didn't want to look/act like everyone else. i wore...interesting clothes. my favourite pants were thrifted men's dress pants that i called my 'old man pants'. i went through a couple pairs because mine kept mysteriously disappearing (my mom threw them out). 
i loved changing my hair style and colour (i still do) and my hairdresser used to get mad at me because i often made ridiculous requests.
i LOVED music and i was slightly obsessed with a few bands. my friends and i used to walk to every variety store in the area to check for new music magazines. I also went to a ton of concerts. eventually (i think in gr. 12) i started a band and we played around a lot in the hamilton area.

i did very well in high school without a huge amount of effort (this gave me problems in university, haha).
i was in the school band and very involved with the music department. i loved (and still love) my music teachers. they were a husband and wife team and they taught me so much! i was kind of quiet in most of my classes...but not music. i was my regular silly self. it was such a great environment.
i think i could go on for days about highschool! in general it was a positive experience for me and i really enjoyed that time of my life :)
Do you make a living from your Etsy?
ahh i wish! :) that is my support myself with my creativity. i have never been able to see myself in a traditional job. i have a degree in chemical engineering...but i don't plan on using it.
currently i'm working part-time with my mom doing bookkeeping while planning and dreaming about one day being able to work full time doing what i love: making cute things!
 thanks to everyone who asked a question! more answers coming tomorrow :)