Wednesday, June 30, 2010

vintage love

hello hello :)
i have a TON of new vintage finds to share...i'm way behind. here are a few cute things i found a while ago. (these are mostly kitchen related i guess)

i am especially in love with the glasses and the pot :)
ok, i'm off to watch twin peaks! (i'm almost finished the whole series!!) talk to you tomorrow.


  1. Ohhhhhhh - so in love with your new pot! Nice find Elycia!

  2. There are some taller glasses at a local antique store near me sort of like the middle picture!

  3. Oh, that pot is amazing! I've been looking at a lot of vintage housewares lately, so it's a cool coincidence that you just made this post; I love it. :)

  4. I love the first one!! Is that a plate???

  5. Love the glasses and the pot...great colors!!

  6. That pot is AMAZING! I wish I had a place to store that kind of stuff!

  7. that pot IS amazing! its sad because every time i find a really cute one at the thrift store, its all burnt and gross on the inside.

    and i've found a lot at antique stores, but theyre always super expensive there. dang me!

  8. Lovely finds! Especially the plate.
    I bet your kitchen is amazing :)

  9. thursday: thanks! i love it too :)

    karlie: awesome! i love love love those glasses, you should definitely get the tall ones (these are very short)

    sonya zombies: sweet! you'll have to post what you find, i love looking at awesome vintage housewares :)

    eleise: yes it is a plate! it's plastic.

    meg: thanks, i love the colours so much :)

    alyssa: hehe, i wish i had a place to store it too :) we're living with my mom right now soooo some of this stuff is not displayed to it's full potential, haha.

    litle ghost: that's a bummer! this one is pretty decent on the inside. i've used it and i'm still ok so that's a good sign too.

    tiny teapot: thanks! haha, see above comment about living with my mom. i have the potential for an awesome kitchen. we are just too cheap to move out, haha!

  10. OMG~ These things are sooooooooooooo cute!! I am inspired to go shopping now! :) Love your finds!

  11. love those!!! I went thrifty shopping the other day and got 3 pots and pans and a bon bon jar.. i also got some vintage 70s coffee cups!! Im in the process of editing photos :)

  12. These are all so sweet ~ especially that floral pot! And I LOVE Twin Peaks! I watched it years ago. Now I'm hungry for a piece of cherry pie!

  13. Ahh, those are AMAZING finds! Lucky you! :)

  14. those are so great! i'm jealous!


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