Thursday, August 28, 2014

Photos :: The Good Earth

 photo milowhat_zps9e1c17aa.png
 photo milowalking_zps03ea0183.png
 photo watermelon_zpsb04257e0.png
 photo falafel_zpsb9fd8a05.png
 photo smiling_zpsb5c1b92f.png
 photo hay_zpscc43756e.png
 photo ElyciaMilo_zps478dd366.png
 photo grapevine_zpsb460767e.png
 photo grapevines_zps39144daa.png
 photo miloflowers_zpsfa280fb5.png
 photo miloposing_zps39b7912f.png
 photo bigfork_zps17266891.png
Over the weekend Ivan, my mom, Milo and I went to a restaurant/winery/cooking school called The Good Earth for lunch and then ended up staying the whole afternoon because it was so nice and relaxing there. There are tons of gardens, grapevines, fruit trees and supposedly there are hens somewhere but they are extremely free range so we didn't even see them.

Spending the afternoon there totally made Ivan and I want to move to a farm. Visiting is probably a better option for now though because I'm sure that a farm is more work than we even realize and also it would be really expensive. We can dream though!

They had an entire garden bed filled with edible everything (including flowers) so we have officially decided that we will plant some edible flowers next year to make our fruit and veggie garden look a little prettier. Right now it is not much to look at!

Well, Milo and I are off to St. Catharines for the day. We are spending the afternoon there and then visiting a friend. I'm excited!

Have a good day.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Photos :: 365 (August 7 - 13, 2014)

219/365 :: Just some paper that I've been hoarding for years.
220/365 :: Majestic Farva.
221/365 :: Our day at Wonderland.
222/365 :: A pollen covered bee.
223/365 :: We are in the process of simplifying and the first step is to make our office functional and minimal.
224/365 :: Farva thought this hat needed a little something extra. Cat hair to the rescue.
225/365 :: Milo is a blueberry monster!
We are having a different week because Ivan is away for work. It's always a bummer when he's not around but we are making it through the week and keeping busy. Tonight after Milo goes to bed my Mom and I are planning on painting the office.

I hope everyone has a good Wednesday!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Photos :: 365 (July 31 - August 6, 2014)

212/365 :: A sunflower in the evening. Since this photo was taken the plant has fallen over!
213/365 :: Yep, it's August.
214/365 :: We met up with some friends at the park.
215/365 :: We all had a really great time at our friend's wedding.
216/365 :: Pinny and Farva were laying together but Farva left when I pulled out the camera.
217/365 :: The end of the day.
218/365 :: Milo was having so much fun waving my belt around in front of the cats.
I am still so behind on these. I'm currently up to date on the editing, it's just the posting that I'm having trouble with. Blogging during the day is tricky with Milo because we like to keep busy and naptime is usually reserved for other things. At night I am usually really tired and then if I do end up using my computer I get all wired and have a hard time falling asleep. I'm not complaining at all, it's just that my life is so different from what it used to be and it's not always easy to do everything that I used to do.

How is Tuesday treating you so far?


Monday, August 25, 2014

Photos :: In the Garden

Every year I end up sharing some type of garden photos. This year I saw a bunch of bees around our rose of sharon bushes while I was mowing the lawn so after I finished I pulled out my camera.
 photo weed_zps14214661.png
 photo beeinflower_zps01e9e94d.png
 photo roseofsharon_zps3ab71aa7.png
 photo bee_zps93d27af1.png
 photo flowersbee_zps0bd3a9d3.png
 photo flowers_zps07e44d02.png
 photo roseofsharon2_zps4b28c6ac.png
I love seeing the bees covered in pollen, it just looks so neat. I think I have probably mentioned before that I almost took these rose of sharon out of the garden. They are along the hedge between our yard and our neighbour's and I'm so glad I left them. The first year we moved in I pulled everything out of the front garden because things were so overgrown and crazy I had no idea what else to do. If you are a garden dummy like me I would really recommend letting everything come up the first year you move into a house just so you can see if there is anything you really like and want to keep. I am sure I pulled some things out that I would have liked.

I seriously can't believe that summer is coming to an end so soon. It really feels like it just began and as much as I love fall I'm not quite ready for it yet because it turns so quickly into winter. Here I am talking about the weather again! I'll stop.

I hope everyone had a really great weekend. We had a fantastic Saturday and I even have some photos to share from our day.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

What I Wore :: Cool Days

 photo standingtree_zpsa9a5b60b.png
 photo tobiaspin_zpsffef4521.png
 photo denim_zps5b562f37.png
 photo sitting_zpsf2e64df9.png
 photo shoes_zps38894cff.png
:: glasses c/o BonLook, shirt - The Gap, skirt & belt c/o ModCloth, shoes c/o B.A.I.T. :: 

Having a little preview of cooler weather was kind of nice for a couple days because it let me play around with outfits a bit more. I really feel like I want to start challenging myself to dress a little more interesting again because last week I wore the exact same thing three days in a row because it was the easiest thing to grab. Ooops. I definitely feel a bit perkier when I think about what I'm going to wear rather than just grabbing the first thing that I see. Although sometimes that will still be what's going to happen.

I picked this shirt up a while ago but have only worn it a handful of times. I think I'm ready to commit to it now and I'm sure it will see some more action this fall and winter.

Also, I need to make sure I wear my glasses when I'm editing photos. I did these last night and I was all, "Yeah, that's good" and seeing them today I'm like, "Wait, did I even do anything to these?".


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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Photos :: Canada's Wonderland

Over the weekend we took a trip to Canada's Wonderland. I had planned on taking lots of photos but I am starting to realize that I'm really bad at snapping photos of typical photo-op things. We took photos at exactly none of the spots that really say, "hey we're at Canada's Wonderland!". I'm ok with that though because we did capture how Milo usually reacts to new things: with a look of great concern, or concentration maybe.
 photo milowonderland_zps301defcf.png
 photo train_zpsf6632e23.png
 photo hands_zpscefb0df8.png
 photo carousel_zps37129614.png
 photo pumpkin_zps1228d6cb.png
 photo snoopy_zpsf53f4d9d.png
 photo hotairballoons_zps4ef7fc71.png
We learned a few things from the last time we were at an all day walking around type place that made our trip to Wonderland smoother. I will share my wisdom (actually just common sense things that we seem to need to learn the hard way) with you in case you find yourself walking around all day with a baby. Really, I'm just typing this out to remind myself what to do...

1. Use a backpack as a diaper bag. Previously we used my regular over the shoulder diaper bag and it was really uncomfortable to carry around all day.

2. Bring a stroller. We usually just wear Milo in a wrap or our Beco carrier but it was nice to be able to pop him into the stroller when we were travelling longer distances around the park. We also figured that even if he didn't want to stay in the sroller much at least we could carry our water bottles, camera and diaper bag in it. That stuff gets seriously heavy.

3. Bring a carrier. I was really happy to have both the stroller and the carrier. Like I said, we tried to use the stroller when we were walking longer distances but the carrier was handy for walking inbetween and waiting in line for rides. I don't know about your baby (if you have one) but Milo is super hard to hold just in our arms. He usually wants to get down and run around, but pop him in a carrier and he's cool to hang out. The carrier was also handy for when Milo decided that he had had enough of the stroller.

I think that's all I've got. Those were the most important things for us anyways. We actually didn't end up staying too long. We went to the car for a snack and then decided to take off because Milo was ready for a nap and Ivan and I were actually kind of tired too. We were wimps! It was a fun day though and I'm excited for when Milo is old enough to go on some rollercoasters.


PS. Today is Ivan's birthday and he is kind of the best ever. Happy birthday Ivan!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Photos :: 365 (July 24 - 30, 2014)

205/365 :: Milo likes to carry around his banana while he snacks on it.
206/365 :: We enjoyed some music at Barefoot Babies.
207/365 :: We spotted this guy in Kensington Market.
208/365 :: I'm calling this guy's bluff. These signs have been up for weeks.
209/365 :: Forever rearranging Milo's shelves. Also, Andrea...I still have your book!
210/365 :: I think this was the first thing I bought for Milo when I found out I was pregnant.
211/365 :: Farva was keeping his eye on Milo.

I am feeling really antsy lately to do creative things. The only problem is that I can't decide what I want to do. I have too many options and I just can't choose something so I end up doing nothing. Does anyone else ever have that problem?

I think Milo and I are going to head over to the park in a bit for something to do. Hopefully it doesn't rain!