Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Photos :: Canada's Wonderland

Over the weekend we took a trip to Canada's Wonderland. I had planned on taking lots of photos but I am starting to realize that I'm really bad at snapping photos of typical photo-op things. We took photos at exactly none of the spots that really say, "hey we're at Canada's Wonderland!". I'm ok with that though because we did capture how Milo usually reacts to new things: with a look of great concern, or concentration maybe.
 photo milowonderland_zps301defcf.png
 photo train_zpsf6632e23.png
 photo hands_zpscefb0df8.png
 photo carousel_zps37129614.png
 photo pumpkin_zps1228d6cb.png
 photo snoopy_zpsf53f4d9d.png
 photo hotairballoons_zps4ef7fc71.png
We learned a few things from the last time we were at an all day walking around type place that made our trip to Wonderland smoother. I will share my wisdom (actually just common sense things that we seem to need to learn the hard way) with you in case you find yourself walking around all day with a baby. Really, I'm just typing this out to remind myself what to do...

1. Use a backpack as a diaper bag. Previously we used my regular over the shoulder diaper bag and it was really uncomfortable to carry around all day.

2. Bring a stroller. We usually just wear Milo in a wrap or our Beco carrier but it was nice to be able to pop him into the stroller when we were travelling longer distances around the park. We also figured that even if he didn't want to stay in the sroller much at least we could carry our water bottles, camera and diaper bag in it. That stuff gets seriously heavy.

3. Bring a carrier. I was really happy to have both the stroller and the carrier. Like I said, we tried to use the stroller when we were walking longer distances but the carrier was handy for walking inbetween and waiting in line for rides. I don't know about your baby (if you have one) but Milo is super hard to hold just in our arms. He usually wants to get down and run around, but pop him in a carrier and he's cool to hang out. The carrier was also handy for when Milo decided that he had had enough of the stroller.

I think that's all I've got. Those were the most important things for us anyways. We actually didn't end up staying too long. We went to the car for a snack and then decided to take off because Milo was ready for a nap and Ivan and I were actually kind of tired too. We were wimps! It was a fun day though and I'm excited for when Milo is old enough to go on some rollercoasters.


PS. Today is Ivan's birthday and he is kind of the best ever. Happy birthday Ivan!!


  1. Happy Birthday Ivan!
    And Milo is super cute! Like you say, how serious does he look sometimes?

  2. The carousel is still there - lucky Milo! The paint job still looks pretty good too. :) Glad you had a nice day, and good for you for not pushing it - leaving when it felt right. Did you try any good treats while there - funnel cake? Those weird tiny ice-cream-balls-in-a-bowl?! Fun times. :)

  3. The picture on the horse is really beautiful! :)

  4. I love your photos! And I know what you mean, when we go on trips I'll be snapping away taking 100s of photos of random stuff, but when we get to the one thing that screams "classic snapshot" I'm like, mehh, I don't wanna take a photo of that.. Haha


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