Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ivan sent me this yesterday. i think it is really cute. i love the little voice :)

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

enjoy your day!

Monday, August 30, 2010

hello there! this weekend was very fun. first...ivan and i went for sushi on friday to our favourite sushi restaurant 'go tempura'. it's on cannon and james north in hamilton if you're local. sooooo good! and as an extra bonus this is across the street.
i like big art.
then we went for a walk by the hamilton water. it looks nice but i wouldn't touch it. sorry hamilton.
then on saturday i met some university friends at a baseball game in toronto...
annndddd, later we went to the bier markt and i got this...
one of my all time favourites :)
to end the night we tried to find a karaoke bar and we were partially successful...but it only does karaoke sunday and monday. boo. we still had fun...and later 3 of us did get the party started on the dance floor at a beach bar when we got back to stoney creek to make up for no karaoke. i am a silly dancer...i should really only do it in private, haha.

i hope everyone had a super fun weekend! did anyone do karaoke?


Friday, August 27, 2010

hello! i had a pretty productive day yesterday making some new items i'm realllllly excited about. maybe i'll show you soon :)
for now, here are some things i like this week...

5. crocheted veggies by jungjung
i saw these on the craft magazine blog earlier this week. they are so cool!

4. book ends
i did a major clean earlier this week and i feel like we need some nice decorative book ends :)

3. apples
i love apples all the time but i especially love them in the fall. the cooler weather we have had this week is getting me very excited.  i really really want to go apple picking this year!

farva loves apples too.
2. flight of the conchords
i was re-watching a bunch of episodes this week and this show makes me laugh so much! there are only 2 seasons but they are amazing. you should absolutely check it out. for real! "move over refrigerators, here's what's cool". does anyone love flight of the conchords already?

1. flour clothing vintage dresses
eeks, have i mentioned that i am in love with pretty much everything in this shop?! beautiful.

ok i'm off. my day will include: 1. exercise, maybe i should try to go for a run...it's so nice out. i'm a really bad runner though, haha. 2. get my buttons ready to print, 3. get crafty! sounds good!

talk to you soon,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

i ♥ etsy - week 22

this week for my BESTeam feature i'm excited to introduce you to someone sweet i have been getting to know. leyla of too much of a good thing is simply wonderful. leyla has a cute etsy shop and she just added some new items yesterday. here are a few...

there are also some pretty handmade cards in the shop

so cute! go stop by leyla's etsy and blog to say hello :)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the weekend

hi! did everyone have a good weekend? it's tuesday night already, wow.
here are a few photos of my weekend...
knitting in the car while waiting for ivan. i just started knitting larger projects again. this will be a hat :)
can you see my dress? here is a full photo...
thrifted! this was homemade by someone. i love it!

we went to a birthday party for ivan's cousin and...

ivan's aunt got a kitten earlier that week! i almost died. she is so cute. makes me miss having kittens.

and finally...ivan and i saw inception! i thought it was a really cool movie. thoughts?

talk to you soon,

Friday, August 20, 2010

hi! i think the following things are great...

5. fabric wall decals from mae
i saw these on modern kiddo this week i love them so much i can't even stand it. they are so beautiful and inspiring. i love the way the extra clothes are displayed on the clothesline. amazing.

4. this vegan ice cream
whenever my grama used to take me to stoney creek dairy i would get chocolate peanut butter ice cream. it is my all time favourite. i thought i was out of luck when i gave up milk products but this vegan version is even better than the original. it is seriously one of the the best ice creams i have ever tasted. peanut butter and flakes of chocolate! oh my goodness. it is taking all of my will power not to go and eat that whole container right now.

3. best cutting board ever

2. these clocks from decoy lab
they are adorable!

1. my little ceramic cat collection
anakin doesn't like the fake cats stealing the attention.

have a great friday!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

september sponsors

hi everyone! i'm really excited to announce that i have decided to offer up a limited number of sponsor spots on my blog starting in september. i will be advertising on some higher traffic blogs at that time and would love to pass along some of the traffic to your blog or business. my introductory rates are...
all ads will be displayed in the top right side bar (the buttons that are there now will be disappearing).

 the extra large spot ($15) is a featured ad and only one will be available each month. it includes: top spot on the blog all month and a mid-month guest post with an optional giveaway.

large ads ($10) will be right under the featured ad.

 small ads ($5) will be right under the large ads.

All ads (excluding the extra large feature) will be rotated mid month for maximum visibility.
Prices are in US dollars.
Static ads only please.

Ad design (additional $15):
if you would like me to design your ad for you i will! i will also give you the code so you can use the button on your own blog.

thanks so much friends! if you are interested or have any questions please contact me at loveelycia[at]hotmail[dot]com 

EDIT: If you are interested in purchasing ad space for September please email me and let me know the following:
1) The ad size you would like (small and large still available)
2) The site you would like the ad to link to
3) Whether you would like me to make your button or whether you will supply your own
4) The email you would like me to send the Paypal invoice to

thanks again :)


ps. i used some of pugly pixel's super adorable clip art for the first time (sponsor image). i love it! so fun!