Monday, August 30, 2010

hello there! this weekend was very fun. first...ivan and i went for sushi on friday to our favourite sushi restaurant 'go tempura'. it's on cannon and james north in hamilton if you're local. sooooo good! and as an extra bonus this is across the street.
i like big art.
then we went for a walk by the hamilton water. it looks nice but i wouldn't touch it. sorry hamilton.
then on saturday i met some university friends at a baseball game in toronto...
annndddd, later we went to the bier markt and i got this...
one of my all time favourites :)
to end the night we tried to find a karaoke bar and we were partially successful...but it only does karaoke sunday and monday. boo. we still had fun...and later 3 of us did get the party started on the dance floor at a beach bar when we got back to stoney creek to make up for no karaoke. i am a silly dancer...i should really only do it in private, haha.

i hope everyone had a super fun weekend! did anyone do karaoke?



  1. Mmm sushi sounds delicious right now! Ugh I wish I had the money for some.

  2. Hey hey. I never go down James. I had no idea there was a sushi place. Good to know because good sushi is impossible to find! I have also never seen that picture. Anyway, my friend is going to China. He applied for work around here and got nothing. Within two weeks of applying he heard from 3 agencies there. Apparently they are pretty desparate for people. He is teaching 2 to 5 year olds and I think he said he will make $2000 after accomodations, which may be because he has a graduate degree... not to sure. Something around that in any case. He tried to recruit me and basically said they would take people mid term he thought. If you want to know more info, I can ask him the agency name, process, etc. Hope this helps :D Lovely photos btw.

  3. sounds FUN! I love that clip you have in your hair! Did you make it?


  4. In my head, I am a good dancer. I never get up and participate in karaoke, but I love to watch people.

  5. Sounds like fun! I actually did karaoke last week. My bo-boy and some friends went to this bar, thank God it was empty, and we have unfolded our talent! hahahaha So much fun! It was really hilarious and also it was my first time that I've ever did something like it.
    Cute hair clip by the way! :-)

  6. That sounds awesome. I am a terrible singer, I mean terrible. My boyfriend hates it when I sing in the car haha, but he still loves me.

  7. thanks friends :) i did make my hair clip. i'm kind of in love with it.

  8. sushi sounds really good right this second! :) love, love you hair. it is just darling! :)

  9. um, lets meet up in toronto one time please.
    kay thanks!

  10. how cute are you?! I just wanted to say I love your hair (and your blog!)

  11. Ah, sounds like such a fun weekend! I love that art. SO AWESOME.

    PS. Earlier I was searching for some local yarn stores. Well, in the Hamilton/Dundas area... any suggestions? I'm bored with Lens Mill Store, haha! I went to this amazing yarn store in Orleans earlier this week and ah, I need to find some new places to buy some wool! Better selections, ha.


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