Monday, February 28, 2011

i loved it then, i love it now

When I was in Grade 7 I discovered the Lisa Loeb album Tails. I loved it then and I still love it now. Back in 2004 my bandmates and I went to see Lisa Loeb in Toronto. It was an amazing show and she even did an autograph session afterwards.
I actually don't have any of her other albums (although I have heard them and like them) but I love listening to Tails every now and then. (I'm listening to it right now, haha)

This song is one of my favourites.

Isn't Lisa so cute! She always has awesome glasses too. Actually I just found out right this minute that she has a glasses line!
Is there any band or artist that you loved as a kid that you are still into today?


farva loves hiding

anakin and i were hanging out on friday taking a few cute photos. i moved the camera and the strap passed near my pretty new chair and ZOOM! out shoots farva. well, the top half of him. ever since i brought home this chair farva has been crazy about it. he loves sitting on it and hiding underneath it. he was kind enough to pose for a few cute photos before he continued on with his busy day.

i love my cats.

love, elycia

Sunday, February 27, 2011

a clean room & what i wore in it

head to toe:
sweater - thrifted
necklace - kurt halsey
brooch - made by me
belt - vintage
dress - thrifted (actually a skirt i thrifted in highschool!)
tights - mall
shoes - walmart (oops)

i finally cleaned my craft room on friday. it is no longer a major disaster, haha. now i can get to work on the aprons for real. i kind of ran out of time friday because of cleaning (i'm a slow cleaner) and snow shovelling.

i loooove the colours in this outfit along with my new chair! eeks! i wore this outfit on friday to ivan's mom's birthday and in the interest of full disclosure...i didn't wear those shoes out of the house. it was too snowy. i actually wore these ones instead.

today we're meeting ivan's mom for lunch (indian food, yum!) and then i'm going to an oscar party. i never watch award shows so i think it will be kind of fun to.

what did you get up to this weekend?

love, elycia

ps. have you entered the twin peaks giveaway?

Friday, February 25, 2011

hello, well it's snowing like crazy again here. come on spring! this is getting ridiculous. at least it's pretty looking snow :)
here are a few things i really like...

5. meow pix camera
it's from modcloth. you MUST click the link and read what this camera does. too cute! plus it looks adorable.

4. these wedding invitations from ello there
sooooo cool. we almost went record themed...i think i already mentioned that, haha. ello there has tons of crazy amazing invitations.

3. black lace tights
i am totally crazy for lace tights right now...too bad i don't have any. i need to fix that situation.

2. sewing
it's a good thing i really love sewing right now...i have a bunch of aprons to make! (i'll share photos soon)

1. guacamole
ivan mentioned guacamole yesterday and now i can't stop thinking about it. avocados are pretty much the yummiest things ever.
my favourite guacamole has lots of avocado, a bit of tomato (i like to use grape tomatoes!), a little bit of red onion and a squeeze of lime juice. sometimes cilantro. so so good.

well, i'm off to tidy up my disaster of a craft room and get to work. have a great day!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Giveaway - All Night Diner

ok Twin Peaks fans...get ready for this giveaway. before i tell you what it is, here is Amanda (the generous host of the giveaway) to tell you about her etsy shop All Night Diner...
 All Night Diner is the third shop for James and Amanda Miller AKA The Flex Family.  Our first ( features James' photography and the other two ( and All Night Diner feature the work of both the Flexs.  James takes images and photographs of our favorite things (musicians, sideshow performers, TV and film characters and more) and boils them down into patterns simple enough to be embroidered but detailed enough to be recognizable.  Once he has perfected his drawing he transfers it onto fabric and then Amanda takes over and stitches and finishes the piece.  We are hard at work making even more patterns as we just opened within the last few months and we hope to do our first craft show in Georgia this Spring.  Come by and check us out...all Elycia readers can get 25% off their orders by using the code Elycia25!  Remember, we also do custom orders, so if you don't see someone/thing you'd like, let us know!

Up for grabs in this giveaway...
the Dale Cooper embroidery wall art from All Night Diner! how jealous will i be of the winner?!

How to Enter: (remember to leave your email addres so i can contact you if you win!)
Leave a comment telling me your favourite item from All Night Diner.

Additional Entries: (please leave a seperate comment for each entry)
1. Spread the word about the giveaway! Blog or tweet about the giveaway and leave the link.
*tweet this: Damn fine Twin Peaks embroidery giveaway at @loveelycia!

2. Tell me who your favourite Twin Peaks character is. (my favourite is Dale for sure...followed closely by Audrey) 

I will announce the winner March 4th! Good luck!


what i've been up to

i finally made some time to paint on the weekend. i love it and i think i will be doing it more often. it is super relaxing!
i'm doing a series of paintings that include all the things i love most :)

do you like to paint?


ps. i'll be posting a Twin Peaks related giveaway tonight!! i can't wait!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

what i've been watching...


here are a few things that i have watched/been watching lately. maybe you will want to watch them too...

zeitgeist moving forward
this movie is super interesting and a little scary. definitely check it out if you're into possible futures for the world. it also has a really really awesome section on how environment affects people starting with when you're in the womb.

modern family
hehe, i think this show is really funny. i love the dad on the show (the guy right in the middle). i like to watch this while i'm working on things. it is definitely good for craft marathons. :)

skins series 5
i *just* realized last week that the new series of skins started. i still love the original cast from series 1&2 but this one is pretty good so far. i like the characters. has anyone watched the new US version of Skins? is it any good?

and of course...ivan and i are rewatching twin peaks. we are always rewatching something.

what have you watched/been watching recently? also, i'm you guys rewatch certain things over and over? ivan and i are a major rewatchers but i know some people can't stand to watch things more than once. how do you feel about it?


Monday, February 21, 2011

March Sponsors?

hi friends :)

i am accepting sponsors for March if anyone is interested in promoting their blog or business. I'm planning on making a few changes to sponsorship for April so this is the last chance to get in on sponsoring at the current prices.

check out my sponsor info page for rates and please email me at loveelycia[at]hotmail[dot]com if you have any questions!

thanks so much for your support. i ♥ my sponsors. have you checked out February's yet?


cat walk

farva loooves going outside so yesterday we took him out for a little stroll.
the first thing farva does when he gets outside is roll all over the ground to get covered in a nice layer of dust.
he got to go in the front yard and the back yard. what a lucky guy. usually anakin likes to go out too but he wasn't really interested yesterday.
my neighbour saw farva and was really surprised that he didn't mind wearing a leash. we started putting it on him when he was a little baby so he doesn't mind. anakin on the other hand...he doesn't like it. will your cat wear a leash?

enjoy your day off today if you have one! (we have family day, hooray!)


Sunday, February 20, 2011

when i wear a cape ivan thinks i'm a vampire...?

head to toe:
scarf - thrifted
glasses - thrifted
shirt - vintage
skirt - dainty june 
tights - winners
shoes - blowfish
cape - thrifted
EDIT: oops! i didn't tell you about the cape before

you many have already kind of seen this outfit in my video...but here it is in detail.

i was super excited to venture outside (all the way into the backyard) for my little outfit shoot. it was beautiful out on thursday! do you notice how it isn't sunny at all but i'm totally squinty? i think i have really sensitive eyes, haha. i could barely keep them open. i would be kicked of ANTM for that for sure :) tyra has no patience for wimps. sometimes when i'm driving in weather like this without sunnies my eyes water big time from trying to keep them open. does that happen to anyone else?

well...we totally got teased with nice weather. it is freezing here again. yuck. hurry up spring!!


ps. my camera lens must have been wrinkly because goodness knows i would never wear something without ironing it. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

giveaway winner!!

hi guys,

we have been at a stand still on the wedding planning. i have NOTHING new to share! however, today ivan and i plan on poking around a bit online to get some centerpiece inspiration. i am so happy he is into helping out with wedding stuff. ivan is super creative and has tons of great ideas all the time. when we lived in the apartment most of the cool design features were his idea (although it hurts me to admit it, haha).

anyways...enough about ivan. i'm sure you guys want to know who won this awesome prize...
well according to winner is tera!
tera has a super cute blog and happens to be one of my sponsors this month! you should pop by, say hello and congratulate her on her win.

are you guys having a good weekend? i hope so :)


ps. twin peaks fans...stay tuned, there is a giveaway coming up next week that i know you will love!

Friday, February 18, 2011


sometimes before my hair can look like this...
it has to look like this...
you guys always give me such sweet hair i thought i would give you a peek at my hair looking crazy :) still think it's nice? hahaha.

love, elycia

pssst...look what i found

thrift find from love elycia on Vimeo.

hehe, i'm soooo excited. have a great friday night!

5. this tea set from modcloth!
isn't it the cutest!! one day i will buy a super cute tea set.

4. ombre hair
*she also has a great blog*
i think this looks super pretty. imagine it with shades of pink?! 

3. these paper crafts (also from modcloth)
soooo cute!

2. this vintage dress!
super adorable.

1. these amazing matryoshka art dolls!
they are by helena of pop pop portraits. i love her work!

i have a funny video of me being really excited about a thrift find to show you later. i meant to post it last night...but then i fell asleep, haha. so stay tuned :)

today i'm going fabric shopping with the ladies from Cake & Loaf Bakery to pick fabric for their aprons. hooray!

have a great day!

EDIT: i forgot to mention, this is your last chance to enter the giveaway! i'll announce the winner tonight :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

lady in red

this outfit makes me feel fancy :)
head to toe:
dress - vintage (belonged to ivan's great aunt)
belt - vintage (matches the dress)
tights - the mall?
shoes - modcloth 
i love wedges. these ones are pretty high!

today i'm going to run a few errands and maybe tidy up a bit. maybe i can talk farva and anakin into cleaning for me. probably not, those lazy bums will most likely spend the day snoozing. hehe. oh, and i'm going to watch those links that you guys posted in the inspiration post!

what are you up to today?