Tuesday, February 22, 2011

what i've been watching...


here are a few things that i have watched/been watching lately. maybe you will want to watch them too...

zeitgeist moving forward
this movie is super interesting and a little scary. definitely check it out if you're into possible futures for the world. it also has a really really awesome section on how environment affects people starting with when you're in the womb.

modern family
hehe, i think this show is really funny. i love the dad on the show (the guy right in the middle). i like to watch this while i'm working on things. it is definitely good for craft marathons. :)

skins series 5
i *just* realized last week that the new series of skins started. i still love the original cast from series 1&2 but this one is pretty good so far. i like the characters. has anyone watched the new US version of Skins? is it any good?

and of course...ivan and i are rewatching twin peaks. we are always rewatching something.

what have you watched/been watching recently? also, i'm curious...do you guys rewatch certain things over and over? ivan and i are a major rewatchers but i know some people can't stand to watch things more than once. how do you feel about it?



  1. Modern Family = Amazing!
    I just started watching Deadwood with my boyfriend.. if you don't know about it (which I didn't) It's a western based during the gold rush. It's got quite a bit of drama! I am pretty into it. I also follow Big Bang and House. I am a hardcore House Fan!

  2. True Blood is ah-mazing!! Its a must watch xo

  3. I like Modern Family, too. I didn't think I would at first, but I do!

  4. I watch things over *all* the time (cough - True Blood - cough), but my hubby can't stand it! lol. We found this motorcycle series called 'Sons of Anarchy' that we've been watching, lately - it's rare to find a series the mister likes, so i'm in. :)

  5. I love modern family too! sofia vergara is awesomeeee ! oh i gotta finish zeitgeist! I'm half way there! I've been watching glee too! hahahaha very geeky and fun :D

  6. if you like zeitgeist then i think you'll like kymatica. modern family makes me laugh too. i love manny!=)

  7. US Skins is sooooo bad! Don't watch it! I watched the first episode and it was truly painful. Save yourself.

  8. i'm one of those people who loooves to watch things over and over again. i must have most lines of The Office committed to memory by now!

    i've heard many a good thing about modern family, too. i'm thinking about getting into it :)

  9. I heard the US version of Skins is crap...AND THANK YOU, the season 1&2 cast was my favourite but all I hear is people praising the 2nd generation

  10. Oh, we are ALWAYS rewatching. We've watched Twin Peaks a bajillion times as well as all Arrested Development and Breaking Bad. PS--if you haven't checked out Breaking Bad yet...YOU MUST!

  11. I normally rewatch series that I enjoy.

    Arrested Development was great.

    I can also rewatch any episode of It's Always Sunny In Philidelphia. That show is hilarious.

  12. I watch FRIENDS episodes over and over. hehe! I watch at least 2 friends a day, it's kind of part of my routine. Love it! I love The Office too.. I'll re-watch any episodes from any season any time of the day! ^.^


  13. My boyfriend & I are guilty of re-watching so many things. Especially TV series. In fact once we are all moved in to our new place I plan to have a Buffy & Twin Peaks marathon.

  14. I'm watching Skins S5 as well! The characters are definitely interesting, but I haven't really connected with anyone yet. It will take some time for sure.

    I'm really wanting to rewatch the old Skins (both series) now. I miss Effy.

  15. I love Modern Family! And I need to start watching Skins, everyone seems to love it!


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