Friday, May 31, 2013

5 Fave Friday

5. I love the bicycle print on this dress. I am really missing riding my bike!
Ride Here, Right Now Dress ModCloth

4. Cutest tote bag ever!
Meredith used this in her Emma Magazine Yarn Party spread (which was awesome!). I really love the yarn stuck to the wall.

3. So cute!
I remember paper things that you sew on from when I was a kid...none were as adorable as these though!

2. This bag is so silly and cute!
Eager Achiever Bag from ModCloth

1. Holy smokes, these cakes are pretty!

I am so excited about this weekend because I get to see one of my favourite people ever! I seriously can't wait!!!!

Before that though, I am going to try to plant some veggies as long as the garden isn't a big mud puddle like it was yesterday. Cross your fingers for me!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Photo an Hour :: May 2013

The other day I decided to take a photo an hour because I knew I would be getting out of the house at least a little bit and those days are always slightly more interesting. Here is my day in photos.

8 am :: Blogging and kitties.
 photo 8am-10_zpsb7d8b561.png
9 am :: Just taking some time to look out the front window and spy on my neighbours. Ha! No not really. I was just checking out how our tree in the front is growing. That thing grows fast.
 photo 9am-14_zps30be4024.png
10 am :: We have a bunch of plants in the baby room now. My goal is to keep them alive at least until our little guy gets here. They are all pretty low maintenance so I think I can handle it.
 photo 10am-13_zps8bded0c7.png
11 am :: My mom and I hit up the first garden centre on our list to get me some veggies.
 photo 11am1_zps090a6115.png
 photo 11am2-1_zpsbe492e8a.png
12 pm :: Our next stop. This place had so many different lettuces!
 photo 12pm-14_zpsbe896278.png
Oh, just a bonus 12 pm photo because when someone has the Undertaker on their car you can't not take a photo. He was painted on the side too!
 photo 12pm2_zpsf47925b1.png
1 pm :: Some peonies at my mom's house that are thinking of blooming.
 photo 1pm-14_zps4b103f04.png
2 pm :: We ate some delicious Indian food for lunch.
 photo 2pm-14_zpsa8da2382.png
3 pm :: Kaylah reminded me about gradient nails so of course I had to give them another go.
 photo 3pm-13_zps90e41f23.png
4 pm :: Doing a bit of light reading. I like getting those small, free magazines.
 photo 4pm-14_zpsde9049ca.png
5 pm :: Kitty dinner time! They never let me forget to feed them.
 photo 5pm-14_zpsf08b72c9.png
6 pm :: I hung up part of my birthday gift from my best friend! So, so amazing.
 photo 6pm-11_zps9adf8736.png
7 pm :: We are still making our way through the new episodes of Arrested Development. We have been so crazy busy since it came out that we have only been able to watch a few at a time. I could watch them by myself during the day but I really want to watch them with Ivan.
 photo 7pm-8_zps464e5a3b.png

There was my day! Somehow I managed to pick the darkest, gloomiest day of the week to take my photos and the inside of the house was almost night-time dark. I was worried about getting good photos but everything worked out just fine!

Now I'm off to do some prenatal yoga and hopefully get rid of the terrible rib pain I'm currently experiencing. This baby's bony butt is all crammed up there and sitting the way I am is not helping. Have a great Thursday!


PS. I keep forgetting to tell you that I did an April photo an hour for Allison's adorable blog The Curious Cupcake. You can take a look at it here and also check out Allison's blog, I think you might like it!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sponsor Feature :: May

I have a few awesome sponsors to introduce you to today. If you haven't checked them out already, stop by and say hello!
 photo indiejane_zps6c3cc648.png
 photo gritsandmoxie_zps2d8a92a8.png
 photo Emilyg_zps70bac483.png
 photo insidemyhideaway_zps36485e40.png

Thank you so much to all my fantastic May sponsors! If you are interested in sponsoring my blog in June you can find more information on my sponsor page or email me at loveelycia[at]gmail[dot]com if you have any questions.

Sponsoring is really easy with Passionfruit Ads and you can sign up to sponsor my blog anytime right here. I have small, medium and large spots available for June. June will be an exciting month (and the last month before a little baby starts showing up here on the blog!) so I would love to have you be a part of the fun.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I Wore :: Hearts on my Shirt

 photo oasapheartshirt_zps39b03127.png
 photo safetypinbeltharmonicanecklace_zpsbd262d76.png
 photo blackshirtheartshirt_zps96418ec5.png
 photo elyciabluehair_zps8dd0d601.png
 photo pinkshoes_zps9adb34dc.png
:: head to toe ::
glasses :: Coastal
shirt :: c/o OASAP
belt :: c/o ModCloth
skirt :: thrifted
shoes :: c/o ModCloth

I love, love, love this shirt but I have to tell you something funny about it. It is not at all stretchy and it doesn't fit over my big belly! No problem, that's what wearing your skirt up high is for.

I really stepped out of my comfort zone and took some photos in front of our house in the morning. Nobody was outside in our court but I kept picturing people peeking out their windows and giggling at me. It was just so nice out and the lighting looked like it would be great so I couldn't resist snapping these photos in the front yard.

Today is rainy but I think I will be heading out with my mom for a bit to pick up some veggies to plant in our back garden. We need to get some food in the ground so that we can have yummy things to eat soon.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


Monday, May 27, 2013

Photos :: 365

140/365 :: Mario mushroom crochet blanket/rug.
A few of you were wondering if my friends would show off their Mario themed nursery...well, as an extra bonus, here is a photo that they sent me of the mushroom in action! Isn't the room so cool?!
 photo 2013-05-21152828_zpsb9675b76.jpg
141/365 :: Farva laying in the sun.
142/365 :: My pretty front garden flowers.
143/365 :: I have an outfit post coming up wearing this awesome heart shirt from OASAP.
144/365 :: I got another little picture from my growth ultrasound. I love his little face!
145/365 :: Pinny looks so grumpy here! She's having fun, I promise.
146/365 :: Happy birthday to me!

Another week of my 365 project down! I am pretty happy that I made it all the way to my birthday not forgetting a single photo. In a previous attempt I had already abandoned the project and decided to restart it on my birthday. This is definitely the furthest I have ever made it!

I have another midwife appointment today and I am so happy that it is nice out. I am looking forward to making my way down there in the beautiful weather.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pregnancy :: 33 Weeks

33 weeks 2 days in photo

This week I had a growth ultrasound to check on how big our baby is and I'm happy to report that the ultrasound tech told me he is right on track. I will find out more at my midwife appointment tomorrow but I'm glad that I don't have a super huge baby in there already. He is definitely taking up a lot of space though and I can feel him up much higher this week that I have in the past. I am also so happy to report that he is currently head down and I'm crossing my fingers that he stays that way! I just can't wait to meet him!!

Ok, that's all of the baby reporting that I have for today. I'm off to enjoy my birthday (it's a big one...30!!), watch some more Arrested Development and maybe go get myself a frozen banana.


Friday, May 24, 2013

5 Fave Friday

5. Oh Tobias.
Jogging from Threadless

There need to be more Arrested Development shirts on Threadless! This is the only one I could find.

4. My favourite part of the 365 Lucky Days embroideries.
Someone needs to buy this before I do! You might remember that got Tobias last year for my birthday.

3. I need to start saying this in my daily life.

2. I need this shirt to wear while I'm watching the entire new season on Netflix in marathon mode.

1. Yes please.

In case you didn't notice, I went with a bit of an Arrested Development theme this week. I am so, so, so  unreasonably excited for the new season that is coming out on Netflix on my birthday! What a lovely present!

Today I have an ultrasound to check on how big this little (or not so little) baby is getting. I am measuring a bit ahead and they just want to check it out. Maybe our July baby will be ready to come out a little early. We better hurry up and decide on a name.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Home :: Front Yard

Last year I spent hours out in the front garden pulling up everything that was overgrown and crazy. We planted a few things and it looked much better but there was still a ton of room for improvement. This year my mom came over and helped us make the garden look much better once again. I think it will be a few years before it looks exactly the way we would like it to but every year it gets better and better. Here are a few looks at what's going on in the front of our house.
 photo pinkperrenial_zps7ec6a5db.png
 photo pinklilacs_zps46983477.png
 photo frontporchflowers_zps0dad90f5.png
 photo peony_zpsadc89a93.png
 photo pottedplants_zps7cbc2b52.png
 photo purplelilacs_zpsd39f0fec.png
I am so in love with these pretty lilacs! My mom found a good deal at one of the garden centres and picked these up for us. I think they look so neat with the white around the edges. I am kind of obsessed with lilacs.

Oh yeah, and Farva was yelling at me while I was taking these photos. He really wanted to come out.
 photo farvainthewindow_zps4b09694a.png
Please excuse our super old, dirty windows. They need to be replaced sometime soon.

Today I get to spend some time with Andrea and I am very excited to see her and get out of the house for the day. I'm off to make myself look presentable! Have a great Thursday!