Monday, May 27, 2013

Photos :: 365

140/365 :: Mario mushroom crochet blanket/rug.
A few of you were wondering if my friends would show off their Mario themed nursery...well, as an extra bonus, here is a photo that they sent me of the mushroom in action! Isn't the room so cool?!
 photo 2013-05-21152828_zpsb9675b76.jpg
141/365 :: Farva laying in the sun.
142/365 :: My pretty front garden flowers.
143/365 :: I have an outfit post coming up wearing this awesome heart shirt from OASAP.
144/365 :: I got another little picture from my growth ultrasound. I love his little face!
145/365 :: Pinny looks so grumpy here! She's having fun, I promise.
146/365 :: Happy birthday to me!

Another week of my 365 project down! I am pretty happy that I made it all the way to my birthday not forgetting a single photo. In a previous attempt I had already abandoned the project and decided to restart it on my birthday. This is definitely the furthest I have ever made it!

I have another midwife appointment today and I am so happy that it is nice out. I am looking forward to making my way down there in the beautiful weather.



  1. The super mario's nursery room looks so adorable!
    Hope you had the best of birthdays!

    Sofia G

  2. That nursery is amazing!!! What are you planning on doing for yours? x


  3. I think your birthday is the day after mine! Hope it was a happy one!

  4. the nursery is so cool! I hope your birthday was a great one!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  5. That birthday photo is so dreamy!

  6. Ohmygosh - how amazing is that nursery?! :) Awesome!!

  7. This crochet rug is gorgeous and fits perfectly to the room :)

  8. Oh that rug is so so sweet! What an awesome nursery :)

  9. Bummer, they used the new Mario decals instead of the old school ones
    Rug stills looks awesome!


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