Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I Wore :: Hearts on my Shirt

 photo oasapheartshirt_zps39b03127.png
 photo safetypinbeltharmonicanecklace_zpsbd262d76.png
 photo blackshirtheartshirt_zps96418ec5.png
 photo elyciabluehair_zps8dd0d601.png
 photo pinkshoes_zps9adb34dc.png
:: head to toe ::
glasses :: Coastal
shirt :: c/o OASAP
belt :: c/o ModCloth
skirt :: thrifted
shoes :: c/o ModCloth

I love, love, love this shirt but I have to tell you something funny about it. It is not at all stretchy and it doesn't fit over my big belly! No problem, that's what wearing your skirt up high is for.

I really stepped out of my comfort zone and took some photos in front of our house in the morning. Nobody was outside in our court but I kept picturing people peeking out their windows and giggling at me. It was just so nice out and the lighting looked like it would be great so I couldn't resist snapping these photos in the front yard.

Today is rainy but I think I will be heading out with my mom for a bit to pick up some veggies to plant in our back garden. We need to get some food in the ground so that we can have yummy things to eat soon.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!



  1. you are too cute. have fun with your mommie. ( :

  2. Girl you look so good, very chic and put together (which is way more than I can say for myself at this stage of pregnancy). Enjoy gardening! Home grown veggie are the best!

  3. Love those shoes! So adorable, and I like the outside photos! I wish our lilacs were still in bloom; it got too hot, so now they're all gone :( I shall live vicariously through you. I want to plant a vegetable garden one day!

    xox Sammi

  4. Good for you that you overcame your fear and the pictures look great :) Also love the color combination in the shoes



  5. You have hearts on your belly :D I have also veggies on my back garden. Right now I full of lettuce.
    Sofia G

  6. You look amazing! That skirt is absolutely great and I'm loving those shoes- the color is just so pretty!


  7. you are the freakin' cutest.

  8. You look great. Such a pretty soon to be mommy.

  9. Gorgeous outfit, and you are bloooooming. :) http://everywordhandwritten.blogspot.co.uk/

  10. Oh, I bought the same shirt on Ebay and had the same problem, it doesn't fit on the bottom and I'm not even pregnant, haha! I guess it was made for tiny Asian bodies ... Well, I'm Asian, too, haha, but don't have a skinny body.


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