Thursday, June 30, 2011

photos > project 365 update

I am happy to say that I have been keeping up with my Project 365! As you may remember, I restarted it on my birthday (May 26) and I haven't missed a day yet. Here are a few of my favourite shots over the last few weeks!
Kitty paws.
Pretty, pretty sky.
Pretty mess during wedding prep.
Speech bubbles for our wedding photo booth!
And I can't resist showing off my new hair one more time.

I feel like if I can keep up with this project through the wedding craziness I can make it through a full year. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Are you doing a 365 project?


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Just a quick last minute call for sponsors! I have a few large and small spots left for July so email me at loveelycia[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested in being part of my little internet home in July!


what i wore > with my new hairdo

Yes! I dyed my hair pink!! I have been waiting to do this for months. I wanted white hair for the wedding so I held on to my pink dye until Monday evening. I love it.
It was super windy out yesterday and I learned that this skirt is not the best thing to wear when it is breezy. Any time I went outside I had to walk around like this...
head to toe:
necklace c/o Paper Sparrow
shirt - H&M
skirt - Forever 21
shoes - Blowfish

I'm already trying to decide if I want to do it pink again next time or try another pastel colour. What do you think?


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey friends! Remember this dress?
It came from a lovely Etsy shop called The Paraders. Today Rachael from  The Paraders is here to tell you a bit about her shop and offer up a super sweet giveaway! Take it away Rachael.

Hello! I'm Rachael Hammon, owner and creator of The Paraders. The Paraders began in 2010 out of a severe desire to create. After a couple of lowly retail jobs got the best of me, I decided to try my hand at entrepreneurship...a deeply engrained lifestyle in my family. Since then, I've learned by leaps and bounds the ins and outs of etsy, vintage style, and how to make it work. 

Learning is a continual process and I'm excited that my work affords me to constantly learn, make, and do. Vintage clothing has always held my interest, but not nearly as much as it has lately. A history of dress is more than just's a deep look into the past and tiny glimpses into lifestyles of ages gone. It thrills me to work with such wonderful items and people.  

Since the start of the Paraders, the shop has grown into place full of wearable vintage that makes you look lovely and feel lovely too.  My blog compliments the shop style with vintage era dating clues, vintage buying and styling tips, and my adventures through and aside from the shop.  I do hope you take a look at the Paraders shop and blog as well as our facebook - letting you know about exclusive sales and products.  Also, as our shop expands into a full-blown independent website over the next month, please stay in touch with the Paraders to hear all about what it takes to jump from Etsy into a bigger, scarier market.  Thanks so much for listening and have a wonderful day!

The Paraders •••

Up for grabs in the giveaway is a $50 gift certificate to The Paraders!

How to Enter: please leave some way for me to contact you if you win!
Visit The Paraders and daydream about what you would buy if you won. Share your favourite item in the comments!

Additional Entries: please leave a separate comment for each entry.
• follow The Paraders blog
• like The Paraders on Facebook
• follow The Paraders on Twitter
• sign up for the weekly newsletter

I will announce the winner on July 6th!


Monday, June 27, 2011

wedding > a sneak peek!

Hi everyone!

Wow, it feels like forever since I have posted. I have missed blogging but it was great to have a week to focus on wedding preparations. I hope my 'Wedding Guests' kept you entertained. I have more awesome guest bloggers lined up this weekend while Ivan and I are away on our honeymoon.

For now though, here is a little peek at our wedding photos. These are the only ones I have seen so far and I can't wait to see more! Our photographer Kara was so SO amazing. We had a great time!
I am dying over how handsome Ivan looks in these photos.

I will share more wedding details later but for now I will just tell you my 3 favourite things from the day.

1. Seeing Ivan for the first time during our 'first look' photos was the absolute best part of the day. I had major butterflies and we may or may not have shed a few tears (ok we definitely did).

2. Ivan's speech to me was the sweetest thing in the world and he made quite a few guests fall in love with him too (including a bunch of guys).

3. During our vows I needed a tissue to wipe my nose (gross) then Ivan needed it so I passed it to him. I felt like that was very us and it got some laughs.

It really was a magical day that went by in a flash. I feel so lucky.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wedding Guests - Kyla Roma

My wedding guest today is one of my favourite writers in the blog world and I feel like she always gives great advice. To get me to read an entire blog post is a pretty big accomplishment (i am very much a picture person) but Kyla manages to keep me reading all the time. I am so happy to have Kyla here as a Wedding Guest (on our first full day as a married couple!!).

Hello, I'm Kyla Roma and I'm really excited to be a part of the amazing group of ladies who are watching Elycia's blog for her while she's getting married! 

Elycia asked if I could share a little advice on marriage or relationships, and while it's a huge topic I'm excited to give you some of my insights. My husband Jesse and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary this fall, and we lived together for almost three years before that. We definitely haven't got everything right in our marriage- but since everyone in my immediate family who has been married has also been divorced at least once (we are a stubborn and hilarious crew!) I feel like I'm in a unique position to share some things that can hopefully steer you around potential relationship potholes!
Be as selfless and supportive as you can muster. The only way you both win is if you're both happy, and that is definitely worth giving up a little ground over! If you get in a habit of making the other person's needs high on your priority list, you can build a strong foundation for a really fun and caring life.

Practice arguing and talking about money gracefully. Learning self control and to keep your sense of humor in stressful situations is a really tough skill to master, but there no such thing as winning an argument in a marriage. If you can practice talking about small issues in your finances and disagreeing about little things respectfully you'll be armed with skills you can take to the big disagreements to make them productive and keep them focused on finding solutions.

Be a cheerleader. It sounds silly, but sometimes telling the person you're with that they're amazing can fall into a pattern of "I Love You"s. Those are great- but make sure you also notice the wonderful character traits the other person has and express it verbally when you appreciate them. It could be their eye for detail, how they're a trustworthy friend, or their dedication to a cause- but knowing that your partner values you for your heart is an amazing feeling.

Sometimes talking it out won't fix it. If we're arguing or having a hard time, no matter what Jesse and I are going through, we refuse to stay up all night trying to hash things out. When we have Really Hard Conversations I've found that sometimes it's better to mutually agree that things are hard, that it sucks, and to put a discussion on hold until the next day in favour of doing something else. (As long as you can skip being passive aggressive or stomping about!) Sometimes just doing something active together, or slipping into your own hobbies for a little while will change your perspective and take the pressure off the conversation so you can come back to it more yourself.

Make out. Do I have to tell you twice? Just have a good old fashioned make out session every now and then! :)

Have boundaries with your families. Especially if you're going from living with your family to living with your partner, it's important to set the boundaries with your family so everyone knows what to expect. If you live close to your families and don't want them dropping in unannounced, let them know. If both of your families are into the Huge Holiday Dinner Event thing, talk about how you'll split up your time early in the year and let the hosts know in advance so they don't feel rejected. And make sure to start your own traditions instead of just tagging along with your families!

Patch up the other person's gaps. Even if your childhood came complete with a perfectly manicured lawn, white picket fence, and all the love in the world there are probably some experiences you missed out on. Being with someone for the long haul gives you so many fun opportunities to do those things you skipped! When we moved in together Jesse didn't know that a tablespoon of vinegar cures the hiccups every time (now his favourite cure!), and my organic hippie Mom had made sure I'd never had a sugary breakfast (I ate Eggos at breakfast for a year, the sugar crash was so worth it!). Have fun getting to know all the little details about each other and actively add to each other's lives!

Skip the three legged race. Having friends who are just your friends and hobbies that are all your own is healthy. It gives you a chance to teach each other new things and to grow as individuals, and that helps you bring new skills and discoveries to the table in your relationship. Just because you have an amazing person in your life doesn't mean it's fair to make them Your Everything- having a solid support network and outside interests is an act of love too.

Do you have any tips that have helped your relationship?


Thanks so much Kyla, this is amazing advice that Ivan and I will definitely put to good use!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wedding Guests - A Beautiful Mess

Elsie and Jeremy's wedding day seemed like such a magical event. Elsie is one of my absolute favourite bloggers and I thought that she would be the perfect person to share some tips on how to really enjoy your wedding day. I know I will be keeping these things in mind today as Ivan and I tie the knot! Eeks!

Hello there Love, Elycia readers! 
I'm Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. I recently celebrated my one month anniversary! While it's still fresh on my mind, I wanted to share a few tips for enjoying every single second of your wedding day! Here's what I did..... 
*Plan ahead & then let it go! I planned & planned, but when it came down to the actual wedding day there were details that didn't go as planned. This happens to everyone, so it's important to expect it and not let it get you down. Focus on the people and events around you. Try to take it all in and freeze memories and metal pictures in your mind. Don't let anything mess up your special day! 
*Relax and slow down. I was so busy leading up the wedding day. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping due to worrying about little details. When the day comes, just turn that part of your mind off. I gave a couple important jobs to my dear friend, Vanessa, and I didn't even have to think about it. I have so many memories of people, smiles and moments from our wedding day. I wouldn't trade them for anything. 
*Plan lots of quality time. One of the best choices that I made for my wedding was making it a FULL weekend with tons of events and time spent with my bridesmaids. We even hosted a brunch the morning after my wedding to open gifts with family and out-of-town friends. I think that these extra events helped me feel like I got to see everyone and spend extra time with people who traveled to attend the wedding! 

Congratulations Elycia! You're going to be a BEAUTIFUL bride!!! Love, Elsie 

Thank you so much for being my Wedding Guest today Elsie! I love this post.

I hope everyone enjoys their day! Think of me at around 5:30 (that's when we will officially be getting married!).


Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding Guests - Crafted Love

My wedding guest today was going to be an actual wedding guest but it didn't quite work out :(. So instead, the lovely Allison is here to share some wedding prettiness with you! Allison is awesome and I am so excited to see more of her wedding plans!

Hello lovely readers of miss Elycia [soon to be MRS. Elycia] Allison Kaye of Crafted Love here. Originally I was supposed to be driving to Canada to be at Elycia's wedding this weekend but unfortunately with this not so lovely economy here in the States and unforeseen expenses, the trip ended up falling through :( So instead, I'm helping blog-sit for Elycia while she and Ivan tie the knot! I couldn't be happier for them!

I happen to be a newly engaged lady myself so I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite wedding inspiration in celebration of Elycia and Ivan's big day!

I love the big tree in the background... so pretty!!!

Alternative to a cake topper? Super cute for outdoorsy people :]

If Ohio's weather was more predictable, an outdoor reception would be so cute. These doors held up by ushers would be the perfect way to still have your grand entrance even in the open air!

 I love the idea of mismatched chairs. Depending on how many people in your family/friends could contribute, you could save a ton on rentals while making your rustic wedding even cuter!

I'm a huge fan of photo booths at weddings. While I think this was meant to be the alter for an outdoor wedding, can't you just see goofy guest pictures being snapped in front of this stage? Definitely for the handy couple!

I'm so sad I won't be able to make it to Elycia's wedding because after many many many Skype dates, I know it's going to be magical! We have very similar taste when it came to weddingness so it was a lot of fun chatting over the weeks. I wish Elycia and Ivan all the best on their big day and hope it is completely stress free and fun [I know it will be] I'm anxious to see post-wedding pictures, aren't you???

Allison, you will definitely be missed at the wedding! Thanks for much for being a virtual wedding guest though!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wedding Guests - My Girl Thursday

If you are a regular visitor to my blog then it is no secret that I love Thursday. No, not the day of the week (although it isn't half bad either), the lady! I am thrilled to have one of the funniest bloggers I know as a Wedding Guest today.

Hello friends! I'm so happy to be blog sitting here at ♥Elycia again! If we haven't met before then please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Thursday (sort of).

I'm a compulsive crafter, lifelong thriftier, kitsch enthusiast and, most importantly, mama to the very mischievous Georgia Grace. I write about these things and more over at My Girl Thursday.

Many moons ago I helped plan a wedding. The wedding was my own, but still, I really only played a co-starring role in the whole planning process. The one part of the process that I did enjoy was trying to come up with a creative and interesting favour for the guests. If I had a chance at a do-over I would probably change my favour to a mix cd. I’ve seen this idea floating about the internet and I think it’s a really cute way to relive a memorable night of your life.

{via the knot}

In fact, I got so excited about this idea that I put together something special for the happy couple!

Confession: I may be really bad at choosing cool songs. My musical repertoire has grown very little since the fifth grade. That may be why I chose to go with the track listing for Dance Mix 93. But if we're being honest here, that compilation was golden. Classic even.
I also made a blank copy of the cd cover to share with you all. Open this sweet thing in just about any photo editing program and add your personal touch. (Click here for full size image)

And while we're on the topic of cute wedding favours I thought I'd share a few more of my personal favourites.
I'm so loving these sweet wedding favours! Perhaps I should crash someone else's wedding planning?
Congratulations to Elycia and Ivan! Here's wishing you your much deserved happily ever after.


Yes! Dance Mix 93 is seriously rocking! Probably my most listened to 'Dance Mix' CD. You are too awesome Thursday! Thanks so much for popping by. 


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Guests - Little Chief Honeybee

I am convinced that Miss Kaelah Bee is one of the nicest people out there. I love Kaelah's positivity and commitment to empowering women. Her blog always leaves me feeling happy. And, my bridesmaid's and I will be rocking some hive + honey at the wedding!

Hey y'all! Kaelah here from Little Chief Honeybee! So excited to be guest posting for Elycia today while she prepares to delve into the amazing and wonderful (I'm assuming!) world of marriage. I'm planning my own wedding du jour with my fantastic fiance, Mike, for September 2012 and I can't wait! Getting an early start on a lot of the DIYs since I know weddings have a way of building up into some impassable mountain! I'm a southern girl, born and bred. Currently living in the heart of Nashville, I want our Southern roots to show through on our special day. What better way to do that than with sweet tea in mason jars at a rustic outdoor event? All our plans are still a bit premature as we're ironing out the kinks here and there, but I never stop looking at visuals! Here are some that are inspiring our nuptials!

Other things I'm excited about: mismatched bridesmaids, the color palette of succulent, peach and burlap, pink lemonade, picnic baskets and best of all, marrying my best friend!

It'll undoubtedly be a journey over the next 15 months but I can't wait to share it with everyone over on the blog! Congrats, Elycia and Ivan! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

Oh Kaelah! I can't wait to see more of your wedding plans! I know it is going to be beautiful. Thanks so much for stopping by and helping me fit in all of my wedding plans. :)


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wedding Guests - Tera Sue

Today my 'Wedding Guest' is Tera from Tera Sue.  I am so happy that I have gotten to know Tera. She is super sweet and definitely one of the funniest ladies out there. We email back and forth and I really enjoy chatting with Tera about lots of crazy things. I think you will love Tera and her little how-to!

Hello Love, Elycia readers! Elycia is one of my favorite bloggers ever and sometimes I swear that we're long lost twins or something so I'm extremely excited to be doing a guest post today. I've been wanting to create profile pillows of my boyfriend Lance and me for a while now so I thought I'd share them with this how to.

1. Find a profile picture you would like to use.

2. Print the photo as large or as small as you like. You will use this as a template to cut out your profile shape.

3. You can do this step one of two ways. I traced my template onto the wrong side of my fabric, but you can also pin the template to your fabric and cut it out that way.

4. Once you have your profiles cut out find a fabric that contrasts nicely so your shape will pop.

5. You can do whatever shape you prefer for your pillow, but I decided to go with a circle. Cut two circles (one for the front and one for the back of your pillow). Once you have a size you like, measure the circumference with a string or measuring tape and cut a long rectangular piece the length of your circles circumference. 

6. Sew your profile in the center of your front circle.

7. With right sides together, sew the ends of your rectangular strip together and press seams outward. 

8. Now pin your strip to the bottom circle of your pillow (right sides together) and sew. Next pin your top as you did the bottom and sew (leaving an open space for stuffing).

9. Flip your pillow right side out and add stuffing. When you are happy with the shape of your pillow, hand stitch the open hole closed.

10. And you're finished! Lance and I now have our own love bird pillows :).

These were super simple and fun to make. I hope you enjoy making your own profile pillows!


Thanks so much Tera; I definitely want to make these for Ivan and I!