Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wedding Guests - My Girl Thursday

If you are a regular visitor to my blog then it is no secret that I love Thursday. No, not the day of the week (although it isn't half bad either), the lady! I am thrilled to have one of the funniest bloggers I know as a Wedding Guest today.

Hello friends! I'm so happy to be blog sitting here at ♥Elycia again! If we haven't met before then please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Thursday (sort of).

I'm a compulsive crafter, lifelong thriftier, kitsch enthusiast and, most importantly, mama to the very mischievous Georgia Grace. I write about these things and more over at My Girl Thursday.

Many moons ago I helped plan a wedding. The wedding was my own, but still, I really only played a co-starring role in the whole planning process. The one part of the process that I did enjoy was trying to come up with a creative and interesting favour for the guests. If I had a chance at a do-over I would probably change my favour to a mix cd. I’ve seen this idea floating about the internet and I think it’s a really cute way to relive a memorable night of your life.

{via the knot}

In fact, I got so excited about this idea that I put together something special for the happy couple!

Confession: I may be really bad at choosing cool songs. My musical repertoire has grown very little since the fifth grade. That may be why I chose to go with the track listing for Dance Mix 93. But if we're being honest here, that compilation was golden. Classic even.
I also made a blank copy of the cd cover to share with you all. Open this sweet thing in just about any photo editing program and add your personal touch. (Click here for full size image)

And while we're on the topic of cute wedding favours I thought I'd share a few more of my personal favourites.
I'm so loving these sweet wedding favours! Perhaps I should crash someone else's wedding planning?
Congratulations to Elycia and Ivan! Here's wishing you your much deserved happily ever after.


Yes! Dance Mix 93 is seriously rocking! Probably my most listened to 'Dance Mix' CD. You are too awesome Thursday! Thanks so much for popping by. 



  1. I love all those wedding favors! So many great ideas, but my favorite has to be the mix cd! Its amazing! I really want to have another wedding so that I can have something like this.

  2. Chantilly, this post is lovely! You two ladies are among my favorite bloggers and it's always a pleasure to read what you write about! I'm in love with the package design and am thrilled that you offered it up for us to use!

  3. Oh my gosh, so many adorable ideas! Can you please crash my wedding planning? We're doing the mix CDs as our party favor too! I think it will be fun to leave guests with some happy songs to bring home, because music always brings up memories, you know? Anyway, you're super awesome! :)

  4. Oh... my! I'm getting married next winter and I just fell for every last one of these ideas. You have the BEAT taste!Definitely stealing the CD idea!! =) x

  5. those polaroid magnets are amazing!

  6. These wedding favors are so creative...seriously some of the best I've ever seen!! (and I've been to a lot of weddings!)

  7. I'm also a mom...I love to do crafts and adore anything kitsch. Your blog is so awesome...glad to discover it.


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