Wednesday, March 31, 2010

etsy is updated!

hi everyone!

my update is up! check it out here. since you guys are awesome...if you buy anything include "blog follower" in your 'message to seller' and i will refund your shipping (this applies for 1 week starting today) yippee!

thanks for being sweet.


every girl has a story - Willow

it's almost time for the update. there are a lot of customizations that are going to be available, it's fun to let people choose! let me introduce another one of my helpers, Willow.
Willow has a huge heart and loves all animals so much. Most importantly, she would like everyone to know that no owls were harmed in the making of her headband.


every girl has a story - Moxie


to prepare for my update tonight i made myself some 'helpers'.
meet Moxie, the mascot for the 'Incognito' accessories. Moxie is very sneaky and loves spying on people. She uses the 'Headband Incognito' as a disguise for her most dangerous missions like stalking the cute boy who lives down the street and...other important stuff.

Stop by my etsy tonight after 6:00 EST to see Moxie's favourite items.

I hope everyone has a great day! the weather here is getting better and better everyday. 


ps. stop over at Meg's blog twisted tree! she is having an amazing giveaway for reaching 100 followers!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i ♥ etsy - week 5

i'm baaack. today i'm featuring Paradise Purls from the BESTeam. This girl puts together so many etsy treasuries; it's awesome! Paradise Purls' shop has some pretty knits (for babies too), earrings and bookmarks. Here are a few extra nice ones.
that red scarf is my favourite.

i have a friend who would love those earrings.

pretty bookmark.

check out Paradise Purls' etsy, blog and twitter!

talk to you soon,

ps. don't forget about my etsy update wednesday (tomorrow) night! see you there. :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

she's here!

and she's super cute. my blythe came in the mail today! i was out and when i pulled in the driveway the postman was at the door. talk about perfect timing. it was a toss up between simply lilac and casseopeia spice (both so cute) but the purple hair won me over. i named her sophie and she is soo fun to take pictures of. we had a little photoshoot this afternoon.
then she did an outfit change.
she is a good musician and she likes cooking so i'm going to make her an apron soon. (ok i'm crazy).
i'm off!

indie business binder

i realized i didn't share any pictures of my indie business binder (for any classmates out there). i took some photos the other day so here are a few...
now i just need to get caught up on filling in my binder. most things are still floating around in my head at the moment!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shop Update Announcement

happy saturday morning. for anyone who is interested...
i'm going to update my etsy shop with a bunch of cute moustache and owl accessories (and some bows too). i'm excited! i love everything and i hope you like it too.
stop by my etsy sometime wednesday evening after 6pm to take a look!

tonight we're going to medieval times which if you don't know involves dinner and watching a 'medieval tournament. i haven't been since i was a kid, i think it will be fun!

talk to you later!

Friday, March 26, 2010

5 fav friday

hello again friends. here are some of my current favourites!

5. favourite song: somewhere near japan - the beach boys

i love the beach boys...but i have to band does a cover of this song that i love even more than the beach boys version. is that terrible? it's more acoustic and i just love it so much. i'll share it one day.

4. favourite colour: yellow

i really love yellow this week. so sunny.

3. favourite craft: embroidery
you can do so many awesome things with embroidery. it's my mission to get better at it.

2.favourite spring thing: hyacinths
seriously, these are the best smelling flowers ever. i love them soo much.

1. favourite drink: chocolate soy milk
i could not live without this drink. it's so delicious.

i'll be back tomorrow with a shop update announcement! have a great friday night!!!


cat birthday!

hi, i love my cats. earlier this week was farva's birthday! we got him on may 23, 2007 when he was 2 months old so his approximate birthday is march 23. he is 3 years old now! i thought i would share a few photos of farva 'growing up'.

happy birthday buddy!
so i skipped a huge time period as much as i want to include more! i think farva's super cute. can anyone guess where his name came from?


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i ♥ etsy - week 4

hello again! today i get to feature Taylor House Designs. She has a lovely etsy shop; my favourite items are the cowls...
and this vintage purse...
 so nice.

The lady behind the designs is Chaucee and she has a really sweet blog 'the searched and found' where she features tons of etsy sellers and does a lot of giveaways!. check it out. i like it a lot :).
also, follow her on twitter if you would like!

until next time.


Monday, March 22, 2010

domain name!!

yeah hooray! i have a domain name now so you can find me at (which is really just here). see you there/here.

 that's just a funny unrelated picture i took at a florida flea market.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

soooo excited

wow, i'm super excited...i ordered a blythe doll this morning. it will be a surprise which one though. i can't wait to get her!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

what i'm working on today

while participating in the indie business chat (which is awesome and so helpful) i've been working on more of these for a salon that is having a cut-a-thon next weekend. If you are in Hamilton head over to Albert Snow on King Street in Westdale next Sunday!! all the girls will be wearing my hair accessories! (actually i'm any around hamilton?)
enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, March 19, 2010

5 fav friday


tonight ivan and i are going over to our friends to make sushi! i'm a pretty skilled sushi maker if i do say so myself. i'm excited, it's going to be fun!

here are some awesome things.

5. this pouch from montclair made.
i love that it looks like lined paper.

4. warmer weather.
it has been such a beautiful week here! i hope it stays this nice and sunny.

3. giveaways
i think giveaways are so fun. i'm thinking of doing one...good idea? here are a couple that i've stumbled upon recently.

2. felt
i bought some really nice new felt yesterday. ecofelt made from plastic bottles. i got pretty colours! here is some other felt i've had my eye on from kandcsupplies.

1. these cute owls.
i made them today and i love them!! now i'm trying to decide how i want to use them. any suggestions?

well i'm off. i can't decide whether to bake or play with my owls...i'll figure it out.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

thursday is my friday

this will sound weird...but i had a fantastic doctor's appointment today. it was with a nurse practitioner. she was amazing, so helpful. ok...that's a strange thing to get so excited about.

the other day i got an awesome package in the mail from katie of cute-n-boot. she makes the cutest cards!!

please excuse my dark basement and the harsh flash. i love the cards so much i don't want to give them away...i am definitely keeping one for myself.  and i can't wait to use the camera notebooks. thanks katie!!

that's all for now. here's 2 photos from the wedding!
the cupcakes

ivan and i

have a good night. and happy belated st. patrick's day.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i ♥ etsy - week 3

hi! what a fantastic weekend! the wedding was so much fun; i danced so much my legs are still sore. it's nice to see a good friend find such a perfect match!

today i'm featuring a BESTeam member who has had a really good week! (visit her blog to find out why). Conduit Press creates lovely journals. here are some of the items i like best.

i need a pretty journal so that i want to use it! the pages look like they would be nice to write on...but sometimes i'm afraid of writing in nice journals!

Conduit Press also has some cool vintage maps! check these out!!
that's pretty cool.

Check out both the blog and the etsy shop...they match!

i'll talk to you later. i have some exciting changes/additions coming up soon!


Friday, March 12, 2010

5 fav friday

this weekend is going to be so full of friends and love and other good things! here are 5 things i love today.

5. weddings

4. pretty party dresses

3. pretty wedding cakes

2. hearts

1. love

have a fun weekend and take some pictures!