Friday, March 26, 2010

cat birthday!

hi, i love my cats. earlier this week was farva's birthday! we got him on may 23, 2007 when he was 2 months old so his approximate birthday is march 23. he is 3 years old now! i thought i would share a few photos of farva 'growing up'.

happy birthday buddy!
so i skipped a huge time period as much as i want to include more! i think farva's super cute. can anyone guess where his name came from?



  1. Awwww. He's a beautiful cat, and was a very cute kitten. I know where his name came from I think... Super Troopers? :p

  2. oh boy, I have the crazy cat lady gene.

    if you haven't seen this video, you really should...

  3. it is super troopers! officer rodney farva. (farva the cat is almost as obnoxious)

  4. Ohh, so cute! :) I love animals, I have a dog but unfortunately, no cat anymore. Yours is super cute.

  5. adorable :] we share the same birthday, how sweet! our cats should be friends haha

  6. Ah! he's so cute. I love big round kitty eyes!


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