Friday, January 29, 2010

5 fav friday

hello! it is freeeezing here today.  it's even cold inside!  here are 5 things i love today:

5. deer

i forgot to mention, on the way to the movies on wednesday, we saw 2 deer run across the road! luckily they were very clever and there were no cars coming! deer are so cute.

4. blythe dolls

i had a dream about these dolls last night.  usually if i dream about something i feel more attached to it the next day.  unless it was a bad dream and someone was mean...then i'm a little mad at that person the next day.
anyways, they are so cute and i would love to get one...why do they have to be so expensive!

3. replicca

i have a dress and a shirt by replicca but i love this shirt so much.  i think it's my favourite thing ever from replicca. this is the dress i have...also a nice family photo. i'm wearing the santa plate as a mask :).

2.  granny square blankets
i'm starting one of these. i wonder how long it will take?

1.  matinees

i love, love going to the movies in the afternoon, sometimes even alone!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


i'm in week 2 of seriously beginning to cut out animal products from my diet.  Every meal i cooked last week and this week was completely animal free, no milk or eggs even.  I haven't said goodbye to those things entirely yet but i'm working on it.  One good thing already is that it's helping me cook more!
(i didn't make the samosas but i did a good job heating them up)

I saw Sherlock Holmes last night with Ivan and Michelle and i really liked it! it was a good story and all the characters were well played.

Also last night i learned how to crochet granny squares and now i want to make a bunch because they're cute.  I think i will be adding some items to my etsy shop soon....probably not granny squares, but some other cute things.


Friday, January 22, 2010

5 fav friday

i took my cats for vaccines today. one of them handles it really well. the other one not so much. he acts like a wild animal. poor guy! but we made it through and they're safe for another year!

5 things i like today.

5. family photo shoots

4. vintage cabbage patch kids
i had a one with red hair and green eyes when i was a kid. i still have her, plus a bunch more :).

one of the crafts i'm sending to my partner! cupcake change purse.

2. crocheting. i am more of a knitter but i'm just getting into crochet and i love it so far!

i love love this yoda. i need to make one to stand beside my 'darth tater'. hehe.

1. drawing. i have been in the mood to draw lately. i drew these for pet dental month at work.


i'm off to exercise and have lunch and finish my craft swap presents!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

what's in the attic?

last night was a funny scene at home.  my mom, ivan and i were banging on the walls with pot lids to try to get rid of our unwanted visitor in the attic.  no, not wolves. Raccoons love it up there! raccoons are pretty cute but not when they could fall through your ceiling!

today i'm going to get some photo editing done. I did a photoshoot for my cousins and i need to get the pics ready to go. also i'm planning on doing some colouring, because i'm 5.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

something's fishy.

ivan got home last night and we had a relaxing night watching kenny vs spenny. our tentative plans for tonight were a no go, so now we're having ivan's brother over for a settler's of catan party. hehe. nerds.

we went to a fantastic sushi lunch today! 'go tempura' on james and cannon, downtown hamilton, just got a new menu and it's awesome. i highly recommend it.

i love sushi. only veggie for me now though.

love, elycia

Friday, January 15, 2010

pretty hearts

this is what i made.

i'm kind of excited and i might make some more!

love, elycia

ps. i cleaned and exercised first. :)

home again, home again

source: carlcollin

ivan's been gone since monday morning but he'll be home this afternoon! i set a goal to get some cleaning done while he was's been a busy week but i got to my desk and a small section of the closet.. i need to make things look pretty so i want to keep them tidy.
i'm really in the mood to make something but first, exercies. i'm trying something new today.

love, elycia

5 fav friday

5. cute tattoos. i want to get one but can't decide exactly what.

source: jayzombie

4. valentine's day crafts.

source: weheartit

3. watch locket necklaces. i need one of these to come back in stock!

source: modcloth 

2. metric

5. my cats


time to clean my desk.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

come on in.

so here goes attempt 2 at keeping a blog.  let's see how it goes. i've enjoyed reading and being inspired by so many blogs and i like the idea of having something like a journal to look back on.

something exciting, i've signed up for katie's craft swap over at skunkboy creatures.  what a great idea. i can't wait to see what everyone makes. i know what i'm giving my partner but i won't say yet! i'm excited as my cat's on christmas.

that's all for now. talk soon.