Friday, January 22, 2010

5 fav friday

i took my cats for vaccines today. one of them handles it really well. the other one not so much. he acts like a wild animal. poor guy! but we made it through and they're safe for another year!

5 things i like today.

5. family photo shoots

4. vintage cabbage patch kids
i had a one with red hair and green eyes when i was a kid. i still have her, plus a bunch more :).

one of the crafts i'm sending to my partner! cupcake change purse.

2. crocheting. i am more of a knitter but i'm just getting into crochet and i love it so far!

i love love this yoda. i need to make one to stand beside my 'darth tater'. hehe.

1. drawing. i have been in the mood to draw lately. i drew these for pet dental month at work.


i'm off to exercise and have lunch and finish my craft swap presents!



  1. I heart dale


    ps. I heart your new blog too!

  2. a secret blog...hmmmmm


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