About Me

Hi, I'm Elycia. Once upon a time I was a blogger. Now I'm someone who has a blog and occasionally posts things I want to remember. 

I have a husband (Ivan), a four year old (Milo), a one year old (Olive) and a cat (Farva). If you used to read my blog you might remember Anakin and Pinny. Unfortunately Anakin is no longer with us and Pinny is loving life living with Ivan's Dad. 
We are a vegan family living in Hamilton, Ontario who love home births, cloth diapering, gentle parenting and homeschooling so obviously we think we are much better than anyone who isn't into those things. In case you are new around here or have forgotten...I make dumb jokes and I think I'm very funny, see previous sentence for an example. We/I enjoy music, gardening, ninja moves, eating dirt, sewing, knitting, cooking, hiking, geocaching, reading, taking photos and just having fun. I'll let you figure out who likes which things best.