Thursday, July 31, 2014

Photos :: 365 (July 10 - 16, 2014)

191/365 :: I don't know what is up with this face.
192/365 :: We went to Toronto for a friend's surprise birthday party. Milo came along and he was just a dream child that night.
193/365 :: Ha! This photos makes me laugh. It wasn't meant to be my photo for the day. We were on our way out to a wedding that I planned on bringing my camera to. I snapped this just before we left and then forgot my camera at home.
194/365 :: Reaching for a baaallllll.
195/365 :: Milo loves splash pads so much.
196/365 :: Oh, just a big pile of clothes that don't fit Milo anymore.
197/365 :: A computer and a cat.
Hi there! Yesterday was a rough day around here. Nothing particularly bad happened, Milo was just having a bit of a tough day which led to me having a tough day. He is definitely working on new sounds and maybe even a new tooth so that was probably affecting things.

Ivan is off tomorrow so today is our Friday and that makes me really happy. Milo and I are just about to go into the garden and pick some chamomie flowers and berries. Have a great day!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Baby :: 13 Months

 photo milo13months_zpsc944e4e9.png
 photo garbagecan_zps946570ba.png
 photo milobw_zpsaded5cbb.png
 photo smiling_zpsfdc9b8be.png
 photo lidcan_zps67df254f.png
My baby isn't really a baby anymore which I really realized when I was typing out the title of this post. For this next year of Milo's life I'm still planning on taking photos on the 21st of each month but this time I am going to get some shots of Milo just doing his thing. That's my way of saying that I can't get him to lay down beside a carrot anymore.

Currently Milo is really into putting things into other things. The toilet lid stays closed these days and he has not yet decided that things need to go in the toilet so I am pretty happy about that. 

 photo books_zpsa17bb3da.png
Milo has also suddenly become very interested in books. Up until a few weeks ago I could not pay this kid to sit down and read a book with me but now Milo brings me books to read to him all day long. The above photo is terrible but I had to include it so that I can remember this book loving time. Milo finds a book, picks it up and brings it to me saying, "Ah, ah, ah, ah" until I read it to him. He usually likes to curl up in my lap while I'm reading which is a really nice bonus. Milo thankfully has a few favourites instead of just one so we get to read different things over and over again. My favourite book to read with him right now is a musical instrument picture book because he signs (and makes adorable noises) when we get to the cymbals, maracas and castanets. I really need to get that on video.

Speaking of videos...I am going to try to film a little clip of Milo on the 21st of each month and (this is the important part) actually put it with some music and post it on the blog. I have lots of little video clips of Milo but they are just sitting on my computer. I am going to love looking back at these. They are not going to be anything fancy, just a little peek back.
music: 192 Days by Eisley
Maybe next month I'll get myself organized and make some original music to go with the video...or get Ivan to.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Photos :: 365 (July 3 - 9, 2014)

184/365 :: I was dancing around trying to be entertaining and this was the response I received.
185/365 :: These lights are always on.
186/365 :: Milo definitely has his sassy wig on.
187/365 :: We got together with a bunch of friends I met since Milo was born to celebrate all the babies birthdays. Milo decided he needed to help them tend to their garden.
188/365 :: Just a few things I picked from the garden.
189/365 :: Heart eye emoji.
190/365 :: Milo and I met Kaylah and Jeff in Buffalo for the afternoon. It was great to see them and I can't wait to do it again really soon!
I was just thinking how the poor cats don't make it into photos as much as they used to. Actually, right now we are having issues with one of them (I don't know who) peeing in Milo's room. At first I thought it wasn't really their fault because the litter box is in the basement and we have to keep the door shut so Milo doesn't fall down the stairs. We seemed to have a really good system going though. The door stays open all morning until Milo and I go to the kitchen for breakfast, we usually go out for a portion of the day so the door is open all that time, the door is open all night while we are sleeping and they meow at the door when they need to go down at other times during the day. A few times we accidentally left the door shut while we went out on the weekend and they peed on the carpets in Milo's room (which is why they are no longer in there) and now I think they are sometimes peeing in there even when the door is open! It's really frustrating and we don't know what to do about it. Any suggestions? We have plans to get a cat door so they always have access to the basement but now I'm worried they just like peeing in that room.

Bah, sorry to go off on such a rant but I'm sick of things getting wrecked because of cat pee! That stuff stinks!

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a really good Tuesday.

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