Thursday, March 23, 2017

Photos :: 5th Anniversary

I'm just going to rewind and share some 5th anniversary photos.

This past year we were all ready to go to the park where we usually take our photos but then it just seemed too difficult to manage. I remember Olive being fussy and Milo being really tired. We decided to quickly take some photos in the backyard instead.
 photo family_zpsnmgvvhmv.jpg
 photo funny face_zpsnofwlb6z.jpg
 photo sleeping_zps5vkp4egk.jpg
Milo ended up falling asleep while we were taking photos and coming down with something the next day. This is also an accurate depiction of Olive at that moment in time. She cried a lot. She was grumpy 90% of the time she was awake for the first six weeks or so and I guess she wanted to represent that in these anniversary photos. This is an accurate look at our lives at the time.


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