Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Family :: Holding Hands

holding hands
I really just had to put this somewhere. Lately, when we are in the car, Olive puts her little hand out for Milo to hold it. Then she smiles and does a little happy wiggle. The evening this photo was taken, they both fell asleep holding hands. It was so sweet and I'm glad I grabbed my camera and took a photo.

I think I've mentioned it before, but being with two kids all day everyday is one of the hardest things I've done. I don't know how other people cope with it but for me it's intense. I feel really lucky that I am able to be a stay at home mom but that doesn't mean that I love every minute of it. Moments like the one captured in this photo definitely take the edge off the moments where Olive doesn't want to be bothered in the car and Milo won't keep his hands to himself. I have no idea what it's like to have a sibling and I'm realizing that it is leaving me a little confused sometimes about how to handle these (I assume) normal sibling interactions. I'm sensitive about being teased and bothered in the ways that I've observed siblings teasing and bothering each other so it's kind of a trigger for me when trying to keep both kids optimally happy. Feeling like I need to keep both kids optimally happy is a whole other thing that I have to let go of. I'm slowly trying to figure it out and trying my best to be patient with the kids and myself in the process.

This photo is lovely, as are so many parenting moments, but I also wanted to take some time to acknowledge the hard parts that don't get captured in photos. Parents out there...this is hard, and we are all doing a great job.



  1. That photo is amazing. I've been staying at home (almost all week) watching my new baby. Some days I love it and can't imagine going back to work, then others I find it very boring and challenging at the same time.

    And I can say that you have some typical sibling fighting. I remember my sister picking on me a lot. There are stories about her making me cry because she "boiled" or "baked" my toys for food (in a play kitchen naturally)

    1. Congratulations on your new baby Jennifer!! It's such an adjustment, everything is different! I'm sure you are doing so great.
      That's good to hear. It's interesting and sometimes frustrating to watch them interact and their relationship grow.

  2. I'm 5 months into my year off and am with you 100%. This is hard. Definitely the hardest thing I've ever done. Some days feel like they'll never end. But it's those sweet little unexpected moments that make it all worthwhile.


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