Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Milo is Four!

How did this tiny, newborn baby...
milo is born
...turn into this adorable one year old...
milo is 1
...turn into this "cheesing" two year old...
milo is 2
...turn into this candle blowing three year old...
milo is 3
...turn into this awesome four year old?!
milo is 4
Obviously there are huge changes with each passing year, but I feel like three year old to four year old was a huge year. Milo really seems to have turned into a full blown kid this past year. Like, 'what do you mean that you're not totally interested in listening to what I'm saying and being extremely agreeable most of the time' kid. But also, 'you are so funny and creative and silly and you know so many big words and you understand so much' kid.

Some fun Milo facts that these photos make me think of:

1. Milo is still wearing his amber teething necklace. He just likes and it doesn't want to take it off. So...he's pretty much had it on non-stop since he was 8 months old.

2. Milo has never had a haircut, not even a trim. He loves his "tangly, crazy" hair.

3.  See that car hat that Milo's wearing when he turned two? He still has and wears that hat. It's finally getting a bit tight, and a lot worn, so I think we will say goodbye to it soon.

We love this big four year old so much! Happy birthday Milo!


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