Friday, January 29, 2010

5 fav friday

hello! it is freeeezing here today.  it's even cold inside!  here are 5 things i love today:

5. deer

i forgot to mention, on the way to the movies on wednesday, we saw 2 deer run across the road! luckily they were very clever and there were no cars coming! deer are so cute.

4. blythe dolls

i had a dream about these dolls last night.  usually if i dream about something i feel more attached to it the next day.  unless it was a bad dream and someone was mean...then i'm a little mad at that person the next day.
anyways, they are so cute and i would love to get one...why do they have to be so expensive!

3. replicca

i have a dress and a shirt by replicca but i love this shirt so much.  i think it's my favourite thing ever from replicca. this is the dress i have...also a nice family photo. i'm wearing the santa plate as a mask :).

2.  granny square blankets
i'm starting one of these. i wonder how long it will take?

1.  matinees

i love, love going to the movies in the afternoon, sometimes even alone!


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