Monday, February 1, 2010

sneak peek

good morning,

i'm getting very close to re-opening my etsy shop. here is a preview of a few of the headbands that will be up shortly!
the fabric the headbands are sitting on is my apron from katie's craft swap!  my partner made me an awesome apron that i have already used a bunch of times. her etsy shops are here and here.
i did a bit of cooking/baking this weekend.  can i get in trouble for posting recipes from cookbooks? hmm. if not i need to post the recipe for the tofu cheesecake i made.



  1. Thanks for blogging about my shops!! I am super glad that you like the is the second one i have made...just learned how to sew last spring and i love it!! I can't wait for your shop to re-open!! I will have to visit it!!!

  2. ooo I'mm excited for new things! I'm spreading the word by the way. To all the cool kids mostly. I'm going to buy a headband and wear it when I teach gr. 7 sometime! Then I'll shamelessly write on the board where I got it from.... heh

    PS. Your post below said it was "freeeezing". It was -27 here without the wind chill yesterday! So take that!

  3. no prob tracy! the shop re-opening is getting close!!

    'north star' (.d) thanks for spreading the word. hehe i love that you're shameless. and i guess our freezing doesn't compare to your freezing.


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