Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shop Update Announcement

happy saturday morning. for anyone who is interested...
i'm going to update my etsy shop with a bunch of cute moustache and owl accessories (and some bows too). i'm excited! i love everything and i hope you like it too.
stop by my etsy sometime wednesday evening after 6pm to take a look!

tonight we're going to medieval times which if you don't know involves dinner and watching a 'medieval tournament. i haven't been since i was a kid, i think it will be fun!

talk to you later!


  1. I love your headbands! Can't wait to check out your owl accessories!

  2. Hi fellow Indie student! Love your headbands & your kitties are adorable too!

  3. oh my! have fun at medieval times! i went there when i was little - it was so fun!


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