Monday, March 29, 2010

she's here!

and she's super cute. my blythe came in the mail today! i was out and when i pulled in the driveway the postman was at the door. talk about perfect timing. it was a toss up between simply lilac and casseopeia spice (both so cute) but the purple hair won me over. i named her sophie and she is soo fun to take pictures of. we had a little photoshoot this afternoon.
then she did an outfit change.
she is a good musician and she likes cooking so i'm going to make her an apron soon. (ok i'm crazy).
i'm off!


  1. *High Five for dolly love!*
    She's lovely, even her box is cute!
    I don't have blythes, but I do have pullips, dals and taeyangs!

  2. i see you have joined the blythe club. congrats:)

  3. ohmycute, she is so adorable!!
    I think I love her hair the most. It is a lovely color :]

  4. They're such unique little things! I think if I brought one home my husband might think I'm nuts :p

  5. shes awesome! i love the purple hair and that you went right ahead and put a headband on her- im sure she will make a great model!

  6. She is cute! I am going to get a Simply Lilac scalp in the mail soon! I had to have that purple hair for my next girl :D

  7. I love the purple hair too. Hey you could have a very profitable sideline business making Blythe hair accessories to match your others.


  8. super loves, wish i had hair that colour.
    thank you for following my blog too :)


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