Thursday, March 18, 2010

thursday is my friday

this will sound weird...but i had a fantastic doctor's appointment today. it was with a nurse practitioner. she was amazing, so helpful. ok...that's a strange thing to get so excited about.

the other day i got an awesome package in the mail from katie of cute-n-boot. she makes the cutest cards!!

please excuse my dark basement and the harsh flash. i love the cards so much i don't want to give them away...i am definitely keeping one for myself.  and i can't wait to use the camera notebooks. thanks katie!!

that's all for now. here's 2 photos from the wedding!
the cupcakes

ivan and i

have a good night. and happy belated st. patrick's day.


  1. i love cute.n.boot soo much :D you look so cute in your dress :D great color!

  2. A good doctors visit in Ontario is a fabulous thing!

    Cute package!

  3. love that dress! amazing style & color! you look so lovely

  4. WOW HOTNESS ALERT! you look super super adorable! I'm glad you liked your goodies, damn usps took a long time with those ones! LOL - love ya girl, Thanks!


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