Thursday, May 23, 2013

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Last year I spent hours out in the front garden pulling up everything that was overgrown and crazy. We planted a few things and it looked much better but there was still a ton of room for improvement. This year my mom came over and helped us make the garden look much better once again. I think it will be a few years before it looks exactly the way we would like it to but every year it gets better and better. Here are a few looks at what's going on in the front of our house.
 photo pinkperrenial_zps7ec6a5db.png
 photo pinklilacs_zps46983477.png
 photo frontporchflowers_zps0dad90f5.png
 photo peony_zpsadc89a93.png
 photo pottedplants_zps7cbc2b52.png
 photo purplelilacs_zpsd39f0fec.png
I am so in love with these pretty lilacs! My mom found a good deal at one of the garden centres and picked these up for us. I think they look so neat with the white around the edges. I am kind of obsessed with lilacs.

Oh yeah, and Farva was yelling at me while I was taking these photos. He really wanted to come out.
 photo farvainthewindow_zps4b09694a.png
Please excuse our super old, dirty windows. They need to be replaced sometime soon.

Today I get to spend some time with Andrea and I am very excited to see her and get out of the house for the day. I'm off to make myself look presentable! Have a great Thursday!



  1. Gorgeous flower photos! I'm so excited to take you out on a birthday adventure today and to smell your lilacs. See you soon! ♥

  2. The lilacs are gorgeous! The first flowers are my favorite though. What are they? You have so much color.

    1. Oh I knew someone was going to ask me this! I can't remember what they are called! We just picked them up on the weekend but I have already thrown away the tag. They are a perrenial though if that helps at all.

    2. The first photo is diathesis. Next year when they reseed themselves,they will have the same OR new colors. Wise words from my mother. ;)

    3. Oh thank you!!! Yes, now that you've said it that sounds familiar. I knew they would come back next year but I didn't know about the possibility for different colours. That is so neat!!!

    4. AWesome!! Thanks! These flowers are awesome looking.

  3. oh, it's so many beautiful flower. I never see many colorful flower on my garden.

  4. Beautiful colors! I love lilacs and geraniums - have them in my garden as well! I also love lavender! That first picture shows either a feathered or ragged pink - I just planted some of those on my patio, they're so whimsical! xxx

  5. Lovely flowers!! I think this is my favorite time of year because everything is in bloom. LA's got some gorgeous flowering trees; I think those are my absolute favorites.

  6. So pretty. I love those lilacs with the white edges! I'm obsessed with them, too :)

    xox Sammi

  7. Love the flowers! I also love the way you phrase things, like Farva "yelling", it always makes me laugh. :)

  8. Beautiful colours :) X

  9. Your lilacs look beautiful! I loved the first one that appears. Farva looks like " Hey gorgeous, come over here!"

    SOfia G

  10. Pretty! We've been planting trees and shrubs in our yard. We bought 22 baby trees!


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