Thursday, May 30, 2013

Photo an Hour :: May 2013

The other day I decided to take a photo an hour because I knew I would be getting out of the house at least a little bit and those days are always slightly more interesting. Here is my day in photos.

8 am :: Blogging and kitties.
 photo 8am-10_zpsb7d8b561.png
9 am :: Just taking some time to look out the front window and spy on my neighbours. Ha! No not really. I was just checking out how our tree in the front is growing. That thing grows fast.
 photo 9am-14_zps30be4024.png
10 am :: We have a bunch of plants in the baby room now. My goal is to keep them alive at least until our little guy gets here. They are all pretty low maintenance so I think I can handle it.
 photo 10am-13_zps8bded0c7.png
11 am :: My mom and I hit up the first garden centre on our list to get me some veggies.
 photo 11am1_zps090a6115.png
 photo 11am2-1_zpsbe492e8a.png
12 pm :: Our next stop. This place had so many different lettuces!
 photo 12pm-14_zpsbe896278.png
Oh, just a bonus 12 pm photo because when someone has the Undertaker on their car you can't not take a photo. He was painted on the side too!
 photo 12pm2_zpsf47925b1.png
1 pm :: Some peonies at my mom's house that are thinking of blooming.
 photo 1pm-14_zps4b103f04.png
2 pm :: We ate some delicious Indian food for lunch.
 photo 2pm-14_zpsa8da2382.png
3 pm :: Kaylah reminded me about gradient nails so of course I had to give them another go.
 photo 3pm-13_zps90e41f23.png
4 pm :: Doing a bit of light reading. I like getting those small, free magazines.
 photo 4pm-14_zpsde9049ca.png
5 pm :: Kitty dinner time! They never let me forget to feed them.
 photo 5pm-14_zpsf08b72c9.png
6 pm :: I hung up part of my birthday gift from my best friend! So, so amazing.
 photo 6pm-11_zps9adf8736.png
7 pm :: We are still making our way through the new episodes of Arrested Development. We have been so crazy busy since it came out that we have only been able to watch a few at a time. I could watch them by myself during the day but I really want to watch them with Ivan.
 photo 7pm-8_zps464e5a3b.png

There was my day! Somehow I managed to pick the darkest, gloomiest day of the week to take my photos and the inside of the house was almost night-time dark. I was worried about getting good photos but everything worked out just fine!

Now I'm off to do some prenatal yoga and hopefully get rid of the terrible rib pain I'm currently experiencing. This baby's bony butt is all crammed up there and sitting the way I am is not helping. Have a great Thursday!


PS. I keep forgetting to tell you that I did an April photo an hour for Allison's adorable blog The Curious Cupcake. You can take a look at it here and also check out Allison's blog, I think you might like it!


  1. My gosh... Pinny photo it's A-DO-RA-BLE!! I just wanna fill her with kisses :D

    I have some suculents on my room also. And I love it.

    Sofia G

  2. This doesn't seem a gloomy day at all, just go through them in a couple of years and you would realise what a bright day it was! Lovely photos

  3. Fun fact: My ex is the absolute spitting image of Undertaker. He even has the hat, coat and does that eye thing.


  4. I wish we had Netflix in South Africa. I got some plants for my birthday. I hope they don't die too soon.

  5. Ah I love peonies, I can't wait for them to bloom. And om nom nom Indian food!! I love that little tree!

    xox Sammi

  6. Again, I'm horrible about commenting, but I really enjoy your blog. - I am actually not much of a baby person, but I am finding myself getting so excited waiting for the day when you post that your little one is born! It's been fun seeing your posts about getting ready. You are the cutest, coolest momma ever.

    On a completely different note, that tree in your front yard is adorable. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that!

  7. Great day! I love visiting garden stores. x

    p.s. I'm hosting an OASAP giveaway on my blog!

  8. Lovely insight, your tree is growing well! :) X

  9. I bet you would like this cross stitch I did for my brother who is a huge fan of Arrested Development.

  10. Lovely post, I love your tree, it's looking beautiful :D

  11. Did you crochet that daisy blanket yourself? It's gorgeous, is the pattern online anywhere?

    1. Ha! I need to add this blanket to my FAQ page!

      It was a good thrift find. There could be patterns somewhere online but I've never looked.


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