Friday, February 18, 2011

5. this tea set from modcloth!
isn't it the cutest!! one day i will buy a super cute tea set.

4. ombre hair
*she also has a great blog*
i think this looks super pretty. imagine it with shades of pink?! 

3. these paper crafts (also from modcloth)
soooo cute!

2. this vintage dress!
super adorable.

1. these amazing matryoshka art dolls!
they are by helena of pop pop portraits. i love her work!

i have a funny video of me being really excited about a thrift find to show you later. i meant to post it last night...but then i fell asleep, haha. so stay tuned :)

today i'm going fabric shopping with the ladies from Cake & Loaf Bakery to pick fabric for their aprons. hooray!

have a great day!

EDIT: i forgot to mention, this is your last chance to enter the giveaway! i'll announce the winner tonight :)


  1. I love that hair too, it make you shine!
    The tea set would be perfect for a date with some friends, just to add some fun! =)

  2. awww I think I might need to buy those papercrafts from modcloth! They are super cute! :) and that teaset is adorable! xx

  3. I saw that tea set and fell a little bit in love! its adorable <3

  4. oh my! that tea set is awesome!!

  5. Love the tea set! My god, I'm a sucker for random "farm-y" type things.

    Ugh...and don't I wish I had one of those paper craft sets for my littles today!

  6. I don't even drink tea but I feel like I need that tea set in my life!

  7. I love the owls! Oh my, they are adorable. =D

    Have a great day, too. ♥

  8. love the matryoshka dolls - so creative!

  9. What a dreamy tea set! I love it! Oh, and by the way - I've searched everywhere to find how this hairstyle is called, so thank you very much for letting me know haha :)
    have a lovely weekend!


  10. have fun shopping for fabric!! that is one of my favorite things..and then i get overwhelmed because i want EVERYTHING! i really love fabric...maybe a bit to much :D


  11. Cute finds! :) And happy apron-fabric shopping!!

  12. I might have to get those papercrafts - the forest friends AND the owls! Then I'll make a little wooded area for them to live in.
    Also, I heart Drew Barrymore.

  13. LOVE the paper animals - just saw them last night while I was browsing Modcloth. Soooo cute!

  14. That tea set is fantastic :D And those nesting dolls are amazing! Love!


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