Friday, February 25, 2011

hello, well it's snowing like crazy again here. come on spring! this is getting ridiculous. at least it's pretty looking snow :)
here are a few things i really like...

5. meow pix camera
it's from modcloth. you MUST click the link and read what this camera does. too cute! plus it looks adorable.

4. these wedding invitations from ello there
sooooo cool. we almost went record themed...i think i already mentioned that, haha. ello there has tons of crazy amazing invitations.

3. black lace tights
i am totally crazy for lace tights right now...too bad i don't have any. i need to fix that situation.

2. sewing
it's a good thing i really love sewing right now...i have a bunch of aprons to make! (i'll share photos soon)

1. guacamole
ivan mentioned guacamole yesterday and now i can't stop thinking about it. avocados are pretty much the yummiest things ever.
my favourite guacamole has lots of avocado, a bit of tomato (i like to use grape tomatoes!), a little bit of red onion and a squeeze of lime juice. sometimes cilantro. so so good.

well, i'm off to tidy up my disaster of a craft room and get to work. have a great day!



  1. Cute camara !!! and tape invitations! :D

  2. My husband makes a really yummy avocado pie. :)

  3. ah guacamole is so awesome!! and, i adore that camera. =D xo.

  4. I just about freaked when I saw those invitations! Holy awesome! Also, I must find out where to find that scalloped frame. Do you have any idea where it's from? This is the second time I've seen it.

  5. That cat camera....I MUST have it!!! My cat is always a blur of white blob. So cute!

  6. Those wedding invites and too cute, what a great idea.

  7. i have a ton of sewing to do to! i love sewing and cutting and ironing! i can't wait to see those aprons!

    oh man guacamole is the best! the mister's dad makes some mean guacamole! mmm this is making me hungry!!

    have a great weekend sweetie!


  8. We're getting hit hard with snow here in Erie, PA too -- yuck! I'm so OVER IT.
    Love that kitty-camera. TOO CUTE

  9. OMFG guac is my favourite thing of LIFE and lucky me -- Jackson makes the best guacamole I've ever tasted. We make it pretty chunky (avocado, tomato, red peppers, red onion, garlic, lime, cilantro, garlic and then season with salt, cumin and chili powder) Hmm maybe we'll make some tonight!

    And I hear ya about the snow. Ontario weather is sucking the big one right now. Neeeeext!

  10. What an amazing idea that camera is!
    And those invitations are adorabe!
    And now I want guac!!

  11. now I'm craving guacamole! My girlfriend is a chef and she makes guacamole that would make an Atheist believe in God. I'm drooling.

  12. Love {almost} anything with an avocado! And the lace tights r just too cute!

    By the by...I've found that the Janome is a freaking AMAZING sewing machine!!
    happy weekend!

  13. Haha you are the third person in the past couple of days to talk about guacamole! It's soooooooo good!! I use avocado (hahaha duh), red onion, hot sauce, salt & pepper, garlic, and cherry tomatoes! (Or grape!) And cilantro if I have any. So gooooooood.

  14. that sounds like *my* favorite kind of guacamole too! :)

  15. Guacamole is the best food ever. In the universe.

  16. I could eat guacamole all day every day! I really love your tiny button jar in the sewing machine photos :)

  17. thursday, no idea about the frame but i love it too!

  18. I had already waaaay prematurely decided on the heart record player invitations from ellothere, and now you tell me they have actual record shaped ones! Good thing we haven't even set a date yet, cause I don't know how I will decide!



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