Sunday, February 27, 2011

a clean room & what i wore in it

head to toe:
sweater - thrifted
necklace - kurt halsey
brooch - made by me
belt - vintage
dress - thrifted (actually a skirt i thrifted in highschool!)
tights - mall
shoes - walmart (oops)

i finally cleaned my craft room on friday. it is no longer a major disaster, haha. now i can get to work on the aprons for real. i kind of ran out of time friday because of cleaning (i'm a slow cleaner) and snow shovelling.

i loooove the colours in this outfit along with my new chair! eeks! i wore this outfit on friday to ivan's mom's birthday and in the interest of full disclosure...i didn't wear those shoes out of the house. it was too snowy. i actually wore these ones instead.

today we're meeting ivan's mom for lunch (indian food, yum!) and then i'm going to an oscar party. i never watch award shows so i think it will be kind of fun to.

what did you get up to this weekend?

love, elycia

ps. have you entered the twin peaks giveaway?


  1. you look BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

    just thought i would stop by to let you know that i am having a blog sale on monday (tomorrow). :)


  2. This is so cute! I just love all of the colors. Plus, that brooch is fantastic!

  3. You and your room look too cute? Where did you get that pretty sewing machine??

  4. Well don't you adorable?! Love this outfit, so pretty. =) xo.

  5. I didn't mean to put a question mark after you and the room looking cute. No question about it! :)

  6. nicole, haha, thanks for clarifying the question mark. that sneaky misplaced punctuation! i got the sewing machine from Value Village for $20. i haven't tried it out to see if it actually works but I really just bought it for decoration anyways. i love it!

    thanks everyone!

  7. your style just makes me so happy and is so inspiring- it makes me want to find a style of my own. (I don't have one right now- I'm working on it)

  8. this outfit rocks! i love the sweater with the skirt and then belted! you look incredible! oh that chair! i love the pattern! did you find it thrifting?

    i also cleaned up and organized! so excited to start sewing in my new bright and shiny desk!!
    indian food sounds so yummy, enjoy!


  9. the color of your sweater is beautiful!

  10. Another lovely outfit! You're so pretty and I love the shelf.
    Also, I was wearing my Bonjour headband the other day and one of my grade 8 girls loved it. I said that a friend had made it and she said "well tell her she's cool". So there you go, you're cool, just fyi. haha.

  11. I love that color on you! So bright. :)

    I'm completely jealous of your craft room. I'm trying to get up the guts to clean, but my room is so overwhelming right now.

  12. I love your soft curls and that 2nd photo of you sitting on your new chair is lovely. That's so funny that you and I both cleaned up this weekend (must be something in the air! spring maybe?) and know the happiness of a clean and organised space :) Have a fab day!

  13. Love this outfit! One of my favorites. :)

  14. I love the colours. Such a perfect little outfit!
    AND I LOVE INDIAN FOOD. So much I had to use caps, clearly.

  15. That brooch is AMAZING!!! I want one!

  16. Super fun outfit and adorable brooch!

  17. you are sooooo pretty! I love your style, very cute.
    this weekend I've been working like crazy on a bunch of different things. and now i'm drinking a green tea smoothie as a reward for all of my hard work, haha. it's been a good weekend. :]

  18. Outfit is sooooo adorable. I know how the craft room mess disaster feels. I just recently did a huge tidy too. It took 2 days. I'm ashamed.

  19. Oh i love those tights! You have such beautiful color combinations in your outfits :) I'm afraid i dress kind of blah most days.

    The Art of Being You

  20. Aaawwww, the sweater is awesome, I love the color!! :) And your hairstyling looks great!

  21. You're hair is all kinds of amazing, and all the colors you wear really make it pop so well!

  22. omggggg
    you are SO PRETTY!!!!!!!
    i love the outfit so much. perfect colours that look beeeautiful on you!:)
    and your room is adorable too.

  23. Cute!! :) All the colors together are *so* perfect! the sweater vest is my fave (I love them so!) - and your hair looks darling curled! :)

  24. Ooo, I love the colours you've combined for this look. Fantastic! :D

  25. Okay first of all...I love this outfit! You look great! So cute and the colors are perrrrfect :)

    Second... yay for a clean room! I've been so busy lately that my apartment has gotten awfully messy. I finally had time and cleaned the whole thing. A clean home is a clear mind!

  26. You are so pretty! i love the choices + colors in your outfit!


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