Monday, February 28, 2011

farva loves hiding

anakin and i were hanging out on friday taking a few cute photos. i moved the camera and the strap passed near my pretty new chair and ZOOM! out shoots farva. well, the top half of him. ever since i brought home this chair farva has been crazy about it. he loves sitting on it and hiding underneath it. he was kind enough to pose for a few cute photos before he continued on with his busy day.

i love my cats.

love, elycia


  1. Elycia, these photos are beautiful! You've got some cute kitties! :)

  2. hehehe. so cuuute.
    i would be obsessed with that chair too, he clearly understands a wonderful vintage find!

    my cat is currently BOOKING it around the house like a mad, cat.

  3. Blog posts about cats make the internet a better place. Thanks for making me smile.

  4. Awww has Anakin always had spots on his nose? My orange cat Rocky has a fully black nose, but I think it got black gradually.
    I just wanna hug your little guys.

  5. thanks!

    kaylah, you are the master cat photographer and have adorable kitties so i take that as a huge compliment :) i'll send farva and anakin your compliments too, hehe.

    carly, hehe, i love it when kitties run like maniacs all over the house. so hilarious!

    sarah, i agree!

    jenny, they are appearing gradually for sure. he didn't have any before and then they just started showing up. i was freaked out at first and asked my vet but she said it's normal for gingers. i think they are cute.

    kinsey, thanks!

  6. your kitties are adoraable! The pictures are great - my cat's never still enough for me to take a good shot of her :(

  7. he he - that's so cute!! :) It's gotta be a super-great chair if the cat loves it, right?? :) Sooo lovely!

  8. Your cats are gorgeous!! I love a ginger and a tuxedo cat.

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  11. my kitties love to do that too. except one of them isn't so good at it and always leaves her tail out...poor thing


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