Sunday, February 20, 2011

when i wear a cape ivan thinks i'm a vampire...?

head to toe:
scarf - thrifted
glasses - thrifted
shirt - vintage
skirt - dainty june 
tights - winners
shoes - blowfish
cape - thrifted
EDIT: oops! i didn't tell you about the cape before

you many have already kind of seen this outfit in my video...but here it is in detail.

i was super excited to venture outside (all the way into the backyard) for my little outfit shoot. it was beautiful out on thursday! do you notice how it isn't sunny at all but i'm totally squinty? i think i have really sensitive eyes, haha. i could barely keep them open. i would be kicked of ANTM for that for sure :) tyra has no patience for wimps. sometimes when i'm driving in weather like this without sunnies my eyes water big time from trying to keep them open. does that happen to anyone else?

well...we totally got teased with nice weather. it is freezing here again. yuck. hurry up spring!!


ps. my camera lens must have been wrinkly because goodness knows i would never wear something without ironing it. 


  1. Love it! You look like a stern nanny in the last photo! Have an amazing day!

  2. I love the outfit! I love how your hair is put up and everything! <3

  3. Ahhh I've seen those Blowfish boots so many times and wanted them so bad!
    Also, I can just see Tyra being all like "Girl, you need to embrace the light! Open yo eyes and let it in. You can't let the camera know you're in pain, girl. Embrace the sun, girl, work it..."

  4. that belt and that cape are super special and super lovely!

  5. Oh this outfit is flipping perfect! I adore it. ♥


  6. I think the sun totally amplifies the sunlight too. So yeah, there's that.

  7. i have days where i can't keep my eyes open either. and then add the pressure of getting my picture taken and forget looking like anything but an anime character. <-- me.

    this outfit is adorable.

  8. totally loved the outfit, the cape looks cute, I keep wishing the weather here was a bit cold so I had the chance to have fun with that kind of clothing :(

  9. You look adorable!! I love this. I'm thinking you can pull off anything.

  10. love love love this outfit. especially those glasses! incredible. :)

  11. I love your hair in these pics so much, it's so cute!

  12. so, so , so perfect look !
    I should post what i wore too !
    I love it!
    HUgs from France

  13. My eyes are the absolute worst for watering :( I went to the doctors as a kid because every single time I had a cold, they would water so bad, to the point where I had to leave school early once because I couldn't see, ridiculous right? I feel your pain Elycia!

    And, you really must read the book i'm reading right now, Room by Emma Donoghue, it's sooo good!

  14. you look adorable! yummy colors. xo

  15. Omg you are so cute! I love your glasses and hair and especially that shirt. Eeks! Perfect. I always wanted a jedi cape. I have to say, your cape is probably a bit more stylish ;)

  16. I want to know about the jacket!

  17. super cute! (",) love the color combination..

  18. thanks everyone.
    charity, a jedi cape would be amazing! i have a photo of me from when i graduated university and i'm kind of wearing the robe thing over my head...i totally look like a jedi.

    cry, oops! i didn't mention it, sorry. i thrifted the cape. i wasn't sure if i would have the guts to wear it but i decided to just go for it :)

  19. haha, that dang camera lens making your cape look wrinkly! sometimes my lens does that, too.

    anyway, i love your outfit. you look great...even if you look like a vampire. hah, kidding. vampires wear black capes. :)

  20. love that shirt with the belt! i love wearing caps! one of the mister's friend always makes me twirl when i where my is a must or the cape is just utterly useless in his eyes..capes are really good for should try it!


  21. Aaw...too cute! :) I love the blue + orange! and the cape - darn those wrinkly camera lenses. :) lol.


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