Thursday, August 26, 2010

i ♥ etsy - week 22

this week for my BESTeam feature i'm excited to introduce you to someone sweet i have been getting to know. leyla of too much of a good thing is simply wonderful. leyla has a cute etsy shop and she just added some new items yesterday. here are a few...

there are also some pretty handmade cards in the shop

so cute! go stop by leyla's etsy and blog to say hello :)



  1. Very cute- I have been wanting to pick up some cute headbands for the fall

  2. the second headband is ADORABLE!

    also: the prints in your shop are so cute!!!

  3. I love all of these items! Too cute!
    And I love your blog!
    I'll be back,

  4. Oh gosh these are so cute! Love the headbands.

  5. such pretty delicate crochet on the headbands!


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