Monday, August 25, 2014

Photos :: In the Garden

Every year I end up sharing some type of garden photos. This year I saw a bunch of bees around our rose of sharon bushes while I was mowing the lawn so after I finished I pulled out my camera.
 photo weed_zps14214661.png
 photo beeinflower_zps01e9e94d.png
 photo roseofsharon_zps3ab71aa7.png
 photo bee_zps93d27af1.png
 photo flowersbee_zps0bd3a9d3.png
 photo flowers_zps07e44d02.png
 photo roseofsharon2_zps4b28c6ac.png
I love seeing the bees covered in pollen, it just looks so neat. I think I have probably mentioned before that I almost took these rose of sharon out of the garden. They are along the hedge between our yard and our neighbour's and I'm so glad I left them. The first year we moved in I pulled everything out of the front garden because things were so overgrown and crazy I had no idea what else to do. If you are a garden dummy like me I would really recommend letting everything come up the first year you move into a house just so you can see if there is anything you really like and want to keep. I am sure I pulled some things out that I would have liked.

I seriously can't believe that summer is coming to an end so soon. It really feels like it just began and as much as I love fall I'm not quite ready for it yet because it turns so quickly into winter. Here I am talking about the weather again! I'll stop.

I hope everyone had a really great weekend. We had a fantastic Saturday and I even have some photos to share from our day.



  1. So pretty! I wish I had those in my yard. I do understand your ripping stuff out when you moved in... I've done that with every new home I've had. I want to make my new home my OWN as soon as possible, so I try to change/destroy as much as possible, sometimes regretting my spaz. :)

  2. Such lovely photos! Those bees covered in pollen look so darn cute!


  3. I love the close-ups of the bees covered in pollen. I'm currently supposed to be studying but looking at your photos counts as botany study, right?

    This post has made me excited for our spring/summer coming up.

  4. Great shots of the little bees all covered in pollen! We used to have these flowers in our backyard when I was a kid, but my mom pulled them out. What a shame. They were always my favorite thing in the garden.


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