Thursday, August 28, 2014

Photos :: The Good Earth

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 photo miloflowers_zpsfa280fb5.png
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 photo bigfork_zps17266891.png
Over the weekend Ivan, my mom, Milo and I went to a restaurant/winery/cooking school called The Good Earth for lunch and then ended up staying the whole afternoon because it was so nice and relaxing there. There are tons of gardens, grapevines, fruit trees and supposedly there are hens somewhere but they are extremely free range so we didn't even see them.

Spending the afternoon there totally made Ivan and I want to move to a farm. Visiting is probably a better option for now though because I'm sure that a farm is more work than we even realize and also it would be really expensive. We can dream though!

They had an entire garden bed filled with edible everything (including flowers) so we have officially decided that we will plant some edible flowers next year to make our fruit and veggie garden look a little prettier. Right now it is not much to look at!

Well, Milo and I are off to St. Catharines for the day. We are spending the afternoon there and then visiting a friend. I'm excited!

Have a good day.



  1. That looks like a really nice place! I've always thought it would be a lot of fun to have a little farm, but maybe like a communal farm with some close family members, that way the work could be spread out more!

  2. There's a restaurant, vineyards and green house at the Niagara on the Lake Niagara College campus. It reminds me a bit of this place. I forget the name of the restaurant but the food is delicious (and beautiful). It's about ten minutes from pen centre in st. kit's. I bet you guys would really like it.

  3. Gosh, he's growing so fast. What a cute little man. He seems very expressive! He must be getting pretty steady on his feet now, it's such a fun phase! People kept telling me how hard it was for them when their little one started walking. For me though, I found it soooo much more fun!! You can actually play WITH them. Like roll on the floor, run at the park, climb play structures... ;) Your hair color is almost gone! Are you going to re-dye it? I don't know about you but a lot of things changed after I became a mom.

    1. Milo is extremely expressive and right now he's starting to really figure out words too and it's adorable. I find walking really fun too. Yeah, I was always a really lazy hair dyer and being a mom has just made it worse. I'm planning on letting the top grow in with my natural colour (it's pretty close to it currently) and then keeping some parts of the underneath available to dye fun colours. Fun colours without constant roots showing is my ideal situation!

  4. Oh btw, I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award on my blog. Not sure if you're into these kinds of chain blogger award things, but I've always found you very inspiring and I wanted to share your link with my readers.

    The award in itself asks each nominee to say 7 things about themselves that readers may not know about them. So if you're interested, I'd love to hear what you share. Personally, I turned my nomination into a little video.

    Anyway, I understand if it's not something you're into, but I thought it would be a cool idea for a post. :)

    1. Aw thank you Julie! I may do the seven things and I am definitely going to check out yours!


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