Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Photos :: 365 (August 14 - 20, 2014)

226/365 :: The prettiest flowers at the Grimsby Farmer's Market. Also, zinnias are the prettiest and I need some for our garden next year!
227/365 :: Look at this face!
228/365 :: Oh man, Milo is cute in Ivan's belt.
229/365 :: More photos of the pretty flowers. The colours were just too good!
230/365 :: I want to share our most played records with you guys. This is definitely one of them.
231/365 :: Milo's new thing is bringing me to the record player and asking for music.
232/365 :: Oh yeah, for a couple days Milo was really into wearing scarves on his head while we listened to music.
See our strange collection of books? Quite a wide variety of topics mixed together there. They probably don't all need to be on the coffee table but whatever. Right now we are in the middle of rearranging our kitchen and livivg room. Actually, the bedroom and office too. It's nice to change things up every now and then.

I'm still thinking about those farmer's market flowers from these photos. I wish our cats didn't bother with flowers and that I could put them anywhere in the house. Maybe one day they will decide that plants are no big deal and they don't care to investigate them any chance they get.

Still on the topic of flowers, has anyone ever had any luck harvesting seeds from cut zinnias. I've realized that I love them (thanks to this bouquet) and I'm letting theses ones dry to save the seeds for next year. It says that you are supposed to let them dry out while still in the ground but I'm going to just give it a try anyways.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend and good luck to everyone who is starting back at school or have kids starting back!



  1. Haha Milo is such a little ham! Ug I am constantly at war with my cats over plants too. I would love to have flower vases set out but I know they'd instantly knock them over.

  2. Great album! And there's something extra great about listening to it on vinyl because it just fits the time period. Or were there tapes back then? Or maybe 8-tracks. Anyway, Songbird is the prettiest. :)
    Love Milo in the scarf - what a pose!
    The "taking charge of your fertility" book - have you read much of it? I bought it after my first baby and found it really fascinating, but never actually got around to charting and all the other stuff. It's a book every woman should read, whether planning a family or not.

    1. Ha! I think that vinyl just makes everything sound a little nicer.

      I've skimmed the book so far. I've read the part about tracking while breastfeeding because i still don't have my period back and I was interested to see what they had to say about that. I find all that kind of stuff so interesting and I did use an app to chart when I got pregnant with Milo. Our bodies are fascinating!

  3. got lost in your blog haha yes you can totally plant the zinnia seeds! now is a good time to plant them too! sometimes mine come back on their own from seeds that have fallen the previous year, but I also plant them all over because I love them too :)

    I think you would also like Echinacea... it's a perennial so it comes back every year. it even multiplies... you can dig up the plant every couple of years, divide it and plant them all over! I started mine from seed but you could also get a big headstart buying a plant!


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