Friday, June 25, 2010

5 fav friday

hi! i just finished a marathon photoshoot for my etsy update that i will announce very soon!
here are some things i think are awesome this week.

5.  wedges

wedges are the only heels i can wear without feeling silly, haha. i love heels but i only wear them for formal events. i have a pair of those keds ones, except a different colour, and i love them :)

4. these granny hearts!
check out the tutorial on this blog to learn how to make them

3. mango

i thought i didn't like mango...but as a friend explained to me a few years ago, i probably had never had ripe mango. she was right...i love ripe mango! we bought some delicious ones last week and they are perfect to eat now! 

sooo cute and funny :)

1. this necklace from Freshly Fig...i bought it :)
this shop has so many cute necklaces! go check it out :)

that's all for now! i'll be back this weekend with my update announcement.


  1. yumm the mango do look good- Have you ever tried making mango salsa- that is one of our big time favorites.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. OMG Elycia! You look adorable in that pic!


  3. Hey, I have been meaning to ask you.. where did you get your adorable business cards? PS. your fav = my fav.

  4. yes! i never thought i liked mango either...until i had a ripe one! i also love love love the dried "just mangoes" from trader joes...ah-mazing! if only we had a trader joes here...
    happy weekend!

  5. I love that headband you're wearing at the end! And, I feel the opposite about heels, I feel silly in wedges!!


  6. What a great post :) I love your headband!

  7. great post!! love it all!

    x0 Laura


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