Thursday, June 24, 2010

how it all began - part one

hi! i was thinking today while i was out for a bike ride about how i got into the blog world and i thought i would share a bit of the story.

before i discovered blogs i discovered etsy.  i found out about etsy when i saw Replicca's booth at a Makers' Market in Hamilton.
i went home and typed in the address that was on the postcard i got from her. hello etsy! i loved everything in her shop. one day when i was browsing through Replicca's items i noticed a link in one of the listings. modeling credit:

i clicked and it took me to a shop full of amazing knits! i was just getting back into knitting so i was super excited to see all the things this girl was making, and she was from hamilton too! yikes!
eventually i saw a link in the shop announcement that said BLOG
i clicked...hello blog world! it was the first blog i started following.

 i hadn't realized how cool blogs were! i loved that you got a peek into other people's lives and started to feel like you kind of knew them. i loved tara-lynn's outfit posts...
and knitting patterns :)
 i was hooked on blog reading and i was on the lookout for more. i started browsing tara-lynn's reading list for some blogs that stood out to me...
i'll pick up the story next time with what i found.

so...thanks tara-lynn for unknowingly introducing me to blogging! hopefully i didn't creep you out, haha. :)

i'll be back with part 2 of my journey into the blog world soon!


  1. that's cool you remember! i wish i did. i was always into web design and free clipart when we first got the internet! but i'm not sure what got me into it from the beginning. cool idea for a post :)

  2. oh, these pieces ares soo cool, and i cant wait to hear about your little bloggy journey!! :) xx

  3. that is such a sweet story.. i hope i dont sound too creepy but you one of my first blog to follow. :)

  4. I remember hearing about blogging during the 2004 election in the US. Kept hearing "blog this" and "blog that". I was thinking - my god that's a stupid word.

    Ha! Not long afterward I joined the stupid word revolution with my first short-lived blog. I think I'm on my 4th blog now (the 3rd crafty version) - and I'm loving it. Since making the commitment to daily posting I've been falling in love with writing again. So fun!

  5. alycia: i wish you remembered too! i like hearing those stories :)

    anything but bland: i'll post some photos soon. i also want to take a video of my cute guys and post that :)

    miss makes-a-lot: thanks! i'll be posting more next week

    leila ann: thanks! that doesn't creep me out at all! i think it's awesome :) you are sweet.

    yours truly dear: thanks

    thursday: haha, that's funny! blogging is so fun, and your blog is great :)


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