Tuesday, June 15, 2010

questions answered

I love these questions!!  since the post got a bit long i only posted half of the questions...the other half are coming tomorrow!
What motivates you?
sunshine, pretty photos, daydreaming.  daydreaming sounds weird but i can think about things and get myself so excited i just have to start working on something! I also get really motivated by reading other people's blogs. i love seeing what people are up to. it really motivates me to get creative myself.

If you could either be a dinosaur or have one as a pet, any one...what would it be?
.i love dinosaurs! i won a dinosaur book in grade one and ever since i have been very interested in them...that being said...i don't know much about them. is that weird to be really interested in something and not take the time to learn more about it? i have a few things that fall into that category, haha.
anyways...my favourite dinosaur has always been the brontosaurus. apparently it's now called apatosaurus.
i love their long necks and they seem like they would be friendly. that is definitely the dinosaur i would be or have as a pet.
...or maybe a mustachasaurus (made by grrfeisty, roxy) it's basically a more stylish apatosaurus.
What were you like in high school? 
i was kind of quiet with people i didn't know well and i often worried that people would interpret my shyness as rudeness and not like me.  
at the same time though i wasn't super concerned with fitting in and i didn't want to look/act like everyone else. i wore...interesting clothes. my favourite pants were thrifted men's dress pants that i called my 'old man pants'. i went through a couple pairs because mine kept mysteriously disappearing (my mom threw them out). 
i loved changing my hair style and colour (i still do) and my hairdresser used to get mad at me because i often made ridiculous requests.
i LOVED music and i was slightly obsessed with a few bands. my friends and i used to walk to every variety store in the area to check for new music magazines. I also went to a ton of concerts. eventually (i think in gr. 12) i started a band and we played around a lot in the hamilton area.

i did very well in high school without a huge amount of effort (this gave me problems in university, haha).
i was in the school band and very involved with the music department. i loved (and still love) my music teachers. they were a husband and wife team and they taught me so much! i was kind of quiet in most of my classes...but not music. i was my regular silly self. it was such a great environment.
i think i could go on for days about highschool! in general it was a positive experience for me and i really enjoyed that time of my life :)
Do you make a living from your Etsy?
ahh i wish! :) that is my dream...to support myself with my creativity. i have never been able to see myself in a traditional job. i have a degree in chemical engineering...but i don't plan on using it.
currently i'm working part-time with my mom doing bookkeeping while planning and dreaming about one day being able to work full time doing what i love: making cute things!
 thanks to everyone who asked a question! more answers coming tomorrow :)


  1. Really great blog and lovely post! I love the questions!


  2. Love this post. I wore the same pants in High School, and I still do. Hehe. I have a blue and tan plaid pair of old man pants that I wear to work and everyone loves them. They were $2.00 at the Salvation Army.


  3. Woah! You know the question I asked you? Bout what you were like in high school? Your answer totally surprised me!! I totally used to buy men's plaid pants at thrift stores and I called them my "Grandpa Pants" & wore them all the time!! How strange that we did like the same thing! :/
    Loved reading these!

  4. Oh & I dyed my hair pink too in High School! :)

  5. I was a lot like you in high school. Through blogging, I feel like I've finally found my people!

  6. Awesome answers! I can't wait for tomorrow's post!

    Check out my mom's blog:


  7. Love it!
    I have to say, my favorite dinosaurs are velociraptors, but apatosaurs are amazing as well (the long necks add sophistication)...brontosaurus sounds better though :)....I was the girl who brought the giant dinosaur books and studied them in high school....does that make me odd?

  8. woah. I feel like you went to my highschool. Our music/band leaders were a husband and wife team as well. Also what was your band's name? I went to lots of local shows in Hamilton throughout high school and college.

  9. aimee: thank you!

    thera joyce: hehe, that's funny! adults did not like my 'old man pants'. yours must be super awesome!

    jamie: sounds like we have a lot in common! that's so cool!

    windsor grace: i know what you mean!

    eleise: thanks!

    jenn: no way! you're not odd, dinosaurs are awesome!

    stars & rockets: hehe, my bands name was screaming hallway girl :)

  10. woah chemical engineering! funny how how what we study in college isn't always what we end up doing.

    (oh and i just discovered your blog and i think it's so cute! love your ever changing hair.)


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