Wednesday, June 16, 2010

questions answered part 2

If you could do anything with your hair, and know that in a week, it'd be back to how it was before, what would you do?
I've been very tempted lately to go dark, but i think i would miss my blonde too much. also, i love bangs but i get sick of them very quickly. soooo, maybe i would do this...
i love that photo! i do that pointing with the hand up thing all the time, haha.
How did you get your Etsy site rolling with purchases? 
When i reopened my etsy in February of this year i posted new items everyday for more than a month. I would also visit the forums frequently and see what people were talking about and join in. I think adding lost of items very often is the best way to get people to stop by your etsy shop!
knitted necklace from LDC designs

What kind of magazines do you like to look at, or what kind of magazines inspire you?
Truth be told...the most recent magazine i read was some old fashion magazine at the doctor's office, haha. i never read magazines, i don't know why. actuallly...i did look at a hairstyle magazine recently and it was pretty inspiring :)
does anyone have any good magazine recommendations for me?

What is your favourite weird ice-cream flavour?
frown...i can't eat ice-cream anymore! i did LOVE green tea ice cream so much! i need to get an ice cream maker so i can make my own vegan version.

Do you make a headband everyday or is it once and a while?
i go through stages with headband making. somedays if i am really motivated or if i have a cool new idea i will make a whole bunch in one day. also when i'm preparing for a craft show, like right now, i make as many as i can everyday!
 under normal circumstances i make headbands when i get the urge. currently i'm working on a few new products so they are taking up a lot of my time! new things are exciting! (details soonish)

How old are you? I am 10 and i have my own etsy store and blog :)
first of all, i am super impressed that you are 10 and already have an etsy shop and blog! seriously...i wish i started when i was 10! (ps. i got my bracelet, it is very cute, thank you!)
hmmmmm, i don't know why but i've been debating whether or not to tell my age. haha, it's good to have a little mystery right? well...i'll give you a hint...i'm older than 10. does anyone want to guess? i'm sure i have it posted online somewhere...and none of my friends who know are allowed to guess!!
that was so fun! thanks again for asking me interesting questions!
i'm doing the Hamilton Maker's Market (at the Cathedral on James St. North) this Saturday so i'm very busy preparing!
talk to you soon!


  1. Very cool interview- great blog and nice to meet you!
    I am your follower 259.

  2. awesome questions and answers. :)
    i dyed my hair brown from blonde... i rarely miss it, but one day i will dye it back. i looove your blonde hair tho, if mine had looked like that (other than the dirty blonde it was i probably wouldnt have dyed it).

  3. wow, you will not believe but I love green tea ice-cream most of all!)
    hey there!)

  4. I think you are around 17 or 18 but my mom and sister think you are 24.


  5. go dark! dark hair is beautiful.. haha i just love my hair thats all. i like your blog! I'll be stopping by a lot more often. I'm kind of new to this blogging thing and all so it was nice to see you answering some questions for the first post i saw. I hope to get an etsy store open very soon too. Anyways I love your blog and your store! You're an inspiration!

  6. Aw I love Zooey's hair. She's definitely hair inspiration for me.

    I guess I will see you Saturday at the Makers' Market!

  7. I've always loved Zooey's hair. As for your age I want to guess around 23. That's just my guess lol.

  8. Oh hey I don't eat ice cream anymore either but that green tea flavor sounds delicious.
    You have the best answers for random questions

  9. I like your blog verrry much! I am having a giveaway if you're interested!

    love, polly :)

    p.s. I love your hair!!

  10. Thanks for adding my necklace !! :) You're the best !

  11. great answers! age-wise i think you must be younger than me....25 perhaps? or less? hehe

  12. What fun! Looking through the questions, reading your answers, and thinking of my own. The question about hair, what I would do with it. That question hit home because I have done so many things to my own, changed it's color, permed, straightened, cut it in a "pixie" and let it grow down my back. My hair grows quickly and has always been healthy, so I have always been able to experiment with it. Now, in my "old age" I have decided that I like it best in the original dark form, now streaked (or highlighted) with grey (silver). The length may continue to vary, but that is one of the really fun things about hair. :) Thanks for the smiles.

  13. green tea ice cream is delicious! if you ever do find a vegan recipe, please share!

  14. lady ren: thank you! nice to meet you too :)

    kel: i am tempted...but i do love my blonde right now, haha, i'm so indecisive :)

    kehr: i do believe you! green tea ice cream is amazing!

    zoe: 17 or 18! that is very flattering :) hehe, i did secretly end up telling you my age! shhh.

    kat ann: thank you sooo much! i want to visit your blog but your profile is private! post your link so i can come visit you!

    stars & rockets: nice to meet you in person today!

    jazmyn: isn't her hair the best! i'm ok with that guess, haha!

    jenn: thanks you! i'm glad you like my answers :)

    polly: thank you!

    lindsay c: no prob!

    sal: thanks!

    unique: thank you! i love playing with my hair!

    capow!: i do have a vegan recipe! i will share it eventually!! it's from the veganomicon cookbook, amazing!


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